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    New Wardrobe - Outfit Ideas

    Hi All,

    I've been reading Dappered now for about 3 weeks and I'm really enjoying it. I'm in the midst of a wardrobe change and I'd like your input.

    For the longest time I was ok with jeans and a polo, but getting married has me looking for more of an 'adult' style (I'm 26). I've always prided myself on wearing well fitting clothes, it's really the putting-it-all-together that I'm having trouble with.

    My wardrobe consists of:

    - 6 pairs / Diesel Viker/Larkee/Zatiny

    - 2 pairs / Dockers D1 slim khakis

    - 0 pairs / chinos

    - 4 pairs / assorted dress pants

    - 6 / J Crew casual shirts

    - 4 / assorted casual shirts

    - 6 / AA Leisure Polos

    - 2 / Express v-neck sweaters

    - 2 / J Crew v-neck sweaters

    - 1 / Nordy sweater

    - 0 / cardigans

    - 0 / zip sweaters

    - 1 / Clarks Bushacre boot

    - 1 / Sperry hi-top rain boot

    - 2 / Jack Pucell leather shoes

    - 1 / Converse All-star

    - 0 / loafers

    Obviously I have some holes that need to be filled, so I'd like your input on what needs to be added. Also, if you have good pictures of outfits I could put together with the above, it would be much appreciated.

    I look forward to everyone's comments and can't wait to become part of the Dappered community.



    AA leisure?

    Suggestion: plain, solid, dark denim. 501/514.




      American Apparel. It's their standard non-pique polo.

      I have lots of denim, but I do some 'dressier' styles. Think Levis gets it done?

      Suggestions for blazers/sportcoat brands? Colors?



        'Dressier' jeans tend to have things like intricate back pocket stitching and 'distressing' that a lot of people who frequent this site aren't really in tune with (just generalizing of course, that's certainly not true of everyone here or in every situation).

        I think it might be kind of hard for people to suggest combinations except in the most general of terms without knowing what the items look like or even what colors they are. I doubt saying something like Jeans/Shirt/V-Neck Sweater/Bushacre is going to help you too much?

        Start reading a bunch of the articles on the main page of this site, Joe has expounded at length about stuff like Blazers etc. Then come back with questions. You can use the article tags to quickly jump to other articles on the same subject. Here is page with the tag for blazers for example:

        I hope this helps!



          Sal: Thanks for responding. I guess I have a different idea of what "dressier" jeans are. In my eyes, dressier means more clean with less distressing. My Diesels are great, but just too casual for a shirt/tie or sweater/blazer combo.

          I agree that not knowing exactly what options I have makes it tough to give advice on which items to wear together. Maybe it would be easier to look at good examples of outfits instead. Does Dappered do any sort of "What Are You Wearing Today" type thread where members post pictures of what they wear?



            Yes it's abbreviated WIWT at the top of the threads page. One of the green highlighted ones. Also, to me, Levi's gets the job done on a budget. I dress mine up and down. They are nice and dark with minimal loud stitching and just ate simple Levi's stitching across the pockets. It's surprising how many people are surprised when they compliment my jeans and inquire about them only to find out they are Levi's.

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              OSUspe, you are right about the dressier jeans; they should be clean not so distressed,and void of fancy stitching, basically, it has to look like it can be worn to some semi formal type activity, ie, going to a nice restaurant with the wife, blazer, dressy jeans and bluchers. Also, the fit and taper of the jeans need to also be trouser like if you are planning to pair them with a SC or blazer. Also your choices are tough since there are no colors included, i think visuals would better assist here.

              "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"




                I think it would help us to know what your daily clothing needs are. Do you dress business casual everyday? Can you wear whatever you want to work? Are you a graduate student? I don't think you have to wear a suit everyday, or that would be one of the first things you would have mentioned.

                Let us know and then we can hopefully help you out a little better.



                  A good place to start would be to read parts 1-4 of Art of Manliness' wardrobe guide:





                  Keep in mind that the guide is geared more toward the business casual to business formal crowd; if your daily wear doesn't reflect that, this guide won't be as helpful although part 4 is still very relevant.



                    Hm maybe I should clarify that there was a reason I put "dressier" in quotes; I was referring to what the non-dappered folk would call dressier jeans. I agree with everyone else in this thread that they should be dark clean and simple. I probably should have been more clear, sorry.

                    On that note, I highly recommend checking out the Bonobos Flatirons. Though the LEC jeans I got for $12 are pretty damn good for the price.



                      @Sal, My bad man totally missed the apostrophes'

                      "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                        Hah no worries MaxMan, I don't think I was that clear. It was late



                          You don't say where you live. If you are going to have a proper winter I would suggest a pair of LEC slim fit cords, which are on sale for $25 today.

                          A well fitting blue blazer (with dark buttons) should also be a priority, as you can wear it dressed up or down.



                            Thanks for the links, Tony!

                            OSUspe, sounds like you need some dress shirts and a suit!



                              Wow, thanks for the responses. I guess I'll just go down the line:

                              Greg_S: Yes, I should have browsed around more before posting. I found the WIWT post and it's exactly what I was looking for.

                              MaxMan: You're spot on with the scenarios I'd like to wear "dressier" jeans to. If I have some time this weekend, I'll take photos of the entire wardrobe. It will definitely help everyone put outfits together.

                              Albert: I actually work at home, so I could wear shorts all day if I wanted. Like I said though, I recently got married and want to project a more adult look (even if I'm just working from my couch.) I don't need to wear suits, but don't want to get stuck with jeans and tees.

                              Tony: Thanks for the links. I might not need everything they list, but having a good selection of business casual/formal is always necessary.

                              Sal: Got it. That makes sense.

                              ChrisW: I'm from Portland, OR, so the weather gets pretty chilly. I have plenty of North Face/Columbia jackets and a black peacoat, but I'm lacking in the blazer department. Seems like everyone around here REALLY enjoys theirs.

                              Nic: I have a couple suits, but didn't list them because I only need them for special occasions, not daily wear. I guess I'm looking for what Dappered members would call "casual wear".