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BR peak lapels in plaid; too much?

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    BR peak lapels in plaid; too much?

    Looking for input on how wide BR peak lapels tend to be.

    Contemplating the grey plaid tailored fit sit jacket from Banana Republic, as I already own the pants (got them for $48) and the jacket's on sale for $130 or less when a code appears.

    However, it's a peak lapel and reviews comment that they're pretty wide - and I wear 36S. Anything over 3" looks off.

    I'd order it, but being in Canada I'd have to pay for shipping, exchange rate fluctuations and my credit card's exchange fee (last time it cost me $50 to not buy a BR suit).
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    Gah, nevermind.

    40% code dropped an hour before I noticed and someone(s) got the last couple 36 jackets.