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    Need a new wardrobe

    I need a new wardrobe.

    Everything in my closet is outdated. I feel outdated.

    I want to re-haul my style, my first item though is a Skagen Matte case and silver dial.

    I have 10 items I can buy with a budget of 200-300$.


    Any advice?

    1. Old navy Blazer?

    Edit: 4th year university student


    Be patient. Rockin sales are coming. At least a pair of dark wash Levi's in the fit of your choice (everyone here seems to lean 501 or 514, I like 514). Those will be on sale at Macy's I'm sure. Some dockers during a Macy's sale also? I have no experience but many fellows here seem to like the D1s. On that kind of budget I'd probably recommend a couple express dress shirts and merino sweaters as they can be had for really cheap during a sale. Shoes are going to be a bit tougher.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      hey Banner, i def agree with greg if you wait til the after christmas sale things deals will be had. now where exaclty do you live and whats your personality type laid back business casual, etc.? Cant rush to giving you options without knowing your tastes

      "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



        I second the pair of dark levis (my pref is 501) and a pair of slim khakis (I bought a pair of slim fit dockers that ive gotten compliments on). Maybe some cheap decent quality/fit dress shirts from lands end canvas or jcrew factory.



          First of all, check out the thrift stores in your area. With a little luck you might be able to knock a few of those 10 items off at just a couple bucks each. Thrift stores can be great places to find button-down shirts, classic blazers, gently-used dress shoes, and outerwear like trench coats and car coats. You have to be a dedicated thrifter to find the best stuff but I rarely leave a thrift store without at least one item I thought was an awesome find.

          Second, I will echo the others and say that post-Christmas sales will be a good place for you to find things at rock-bottom retail prices. If, as it sort of sounds, someone is doing this for you as a Christmas gift, I might explain that to them and ask for an IOU. Maybe invite them along to go shopping with you (if that's the sort of thing they enjoy) so they can feel more involved.

          For someone building a wardrobe, here's what I would look for, in very rough order of importance:

          1 pair great-fitting, dark jeans - Levi's 501 and 514 are perennial favorites around here, but GAP and Land's End Canvas are both good places to check out as well. Aim for a slim or straight fit, no skinny jeans or bootcuts.

          1 pair versatile leather shoes/boots - Depending on your style, these can be rather dressy or fairly casual. Think about something like a leather desert boot in a mid-brown that you can wear with virtually anything. Or if you're on the dressier side, maybe a pair of brown wingtips. You might be able to find something at the thrift store.

          2-3 button-down shirts - A versatile combo would be one solid white/blue, one subtle pattern like a tattersall, and one louder pattern like a colorful gingham or buffalo plaid. Definitely look for these in the thrift store first.

          1 blazer and/or cardigan - I lump these together because they serve the same purpose of providing a bit of warmth as well as pulling your look together and making it more professional. Blazers are definitely something to look for at thrift stores - you can find some great tweed ones for under $10, depending on the store. The fit should be pretty close to perfect off the rack, or the cost of tailoring can get a little out of control. GAP and Old Navy are good places to check as well, especially if you can get a discount code or wait for a sale. You can get a cardigan virtually anywhere but there are some great ones at Target for ~$25 so I'm not sure why you would bother looking anywhere else.

          1-2 pair cotton chinos or other non-denim pant - Khakis and chinos are a dime a dozen and can get pretty boring, so fit is the most important thing here.

          1-2 sweaters - These should be fitted, with enough room to layer over a button-down.

          That above is a pretty good, solid foundation wardrobe. Then there are the little things... ties, pocket squares, tie bars, colorful socks. With the exception of tie bars, these can all be found at thrift stores or regular retail stores pretty cheaply.

          My general recommendations of where to shop, in order:

          Thrift stores


          Old Navy/GAP


          Land's End Canvas (if they actually have one near you)



          You might find that you buy most of your online, but it's always a good idea to figure out the best fits and styles in-person before throwing down any money.

          For further reading, Joe did a series on "The $1500 Wardrobe" a while back. That's obviously more money than you want to spend but it might give you some ideas of what to look for and where to look.




            Thanks for the replies guys!

            The only place I have found a great respone is here!

            Im visiting my parents in the suburbs of Chicago for the month of December,

            Im a student,

            Style: im a very hands on person, alot of work I do involves getting dirty. But being well dressed should not be compromised I guess.

            Greg: I will look into those for sure

            Max: live in Toronto, but im visiting Chicago. Style: professional enough to meet clients, but to be able to work hands on.

            Ben: thanks alot! Thrift stores would be my first destination.

            What are opinions about vintage clothing stores? Over priced?



              Skip the vintage clothes stores... go for the thrifts. Thrift stores in both Chicago and Toronto are supposed to be excellent. It might take you a few tries to find the right ones though.



                In my experience vintage clothing stores are overpriced. Thrift stores are great because you can use your patience and knowledge to find a fine product for a very low price. Vintage stores do that work for you and charge much more. In other words, they are an unnecessary middle man. I'm sure there are exceptions but that is what I've seen.



                  Research as much as possible and try on a lot of things at stores so you know what you are looking for and in what sizes.

                  Thrifting is a great idea but you have to be prepared and you also really need to inspect items really well for damage as most thrift stores don't accept returns in my experience.

                  You should also check discount stores like Marshall's and TJ Maxx. Some good deals to be had if you have time to spend scouring the racks for them.

                  For Xmas you could always ask for gift cards if you know where you want to shop.