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How is the fitment on this jacket?

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    How is the fitment on this jacket?

    I got this jacket from GAP which I think was recommended here my joe. This is the smallest size they had and I got a great deal at $46.

    But I am not too sure about the fitment of the jacket. I know the sleeves will have to be altered but the waist looks bulky.

    Do you think its worthwhile to take in the side of the jacket? Are the shoulders ok?

    Or is it too much work and I should just return it?


    mystix, the jacket looks too big for you all around. You could have a tailor work on it, but you'd probably spend ~$50 to get it tailored the way you'd like it. Figure at least $15 for the sleeves and $15 for the sides.

    It's too bad the jacket doesn't come in smaller sizes.



      The biggest issue I see is the sleeves. They should be shortened and slimmed down. The sides should be taken in too, but most men don't do that so it looks acceptable but not "Dapper approved".

      For reference, what size did you buy? A size down would definitely fit you better.



        The jacket looks a bit big all over. for instance, the shoulders may be slightly (a siZe) larger than it should be; if you look at the lines from your neck to the i beleive is you left shoulder blade there is some bunching (i think is the right word here) going on. the sleeves look fine at the current proportion but if you were to slim the waist( which you will had to because the jacket looks boxy), then you would have to slim the arms as well and shorten them about 3/4 of an inch. this is nitpicking so this point i am about to make isnt too serious but something i did notice. Your button stance seems too be off, too much space between them and the top button was placed to high. I think if you were to take this to a tailor they would charge you more than you paid to alter it. the length seems to be on point and the tweed is a nice option, the lapels are good and high gorged, honestly if you can find the same jacket at another Gap in a smaller size you would be good. When you said the smallest they had did you mean it was the smallest that particular location had? Nice choice on OCBD to go with it. and are you wearing baggy jeans?

        "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



          Hello Gentlepeople,

          You guys have confirmed my theory that this jacket is indeed one size too big. I thought I would be ok with just a sleeve shortening and taking in the waist.

          But maxman is right, the shoulder is slightly bigger at least 0.5inch. Therefore its going to be too much of a headache and I will just return it.

          For reference,

          I am 5'8, 145lbs

          This jacket was 38S

          I never seen a 36 in store before but I did see that size online when it was first released. But that size was shortly sold out and removed a month after listing.

          Jeans: The jeans are Gap's slim line jeans. They might appear big because of my thunderous thighs.