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Loosing the top button while wearing ties

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    Loosing the top button while wearing ties

    This is a trend I'm noticing in J.Crew's catalogs, and it might be a good thing for me. Their male models are wearing ties, but they aren't buttoning up the top collar button. Does this trend work with all sorts of knots? Is that a fashion faux pas? Or am I finally free from the tyranny of slow suffocation? Check out their website and you'll see what I mean.

    I like shirts, and I like ties, but I don't buttoning up that last button.

    Full disclosure: My girlfriend thinks that's a no-no, and I shouldn't try it.


    This is one of those "mixing levels of formality" things that I hate. It is technically a no-no and should obviously never be used in a serious, formal, or business environment. Some would say it looks ok in a casual environment, but to me it just looks contrived.



      I've been doing this for years and I absolutely love it. I'll still tighten the tie (instead of wearing it loosely as in the j crew pics), but I love the bit of extra breathing room.



        if you're wearing the tie as part of a casual outfit, yes, do it

        if its a business environment or a serious situation (wedding, funeral, court date, etc) don't unbutton

        the shirt itself should be comfortable fully buttoned, and the tie should be just tight enough to fit the collar. sometimes a different knot helps



          I work in a business casual environment, and I do this most of the time.



            "Does this trend work with all sorts of knots?"

            I would say it only works with four in hand knot. Wouldn't do this with a Pratt, Half-Windsor, or Windsor. I guess you might be able to get away with it with a Pratt.

            "Is that a fashion faux pas?"

            Depends on where you are wearing it. Formal setting? Faux pas. Business casual/night out on the town? Perfectly fine.



              I would be in the "no" camp when in any business situation (unless you work at Esquire). I think the risk of looking sloppy is just too high..



                I fall in the no-no camp. At work, you don't want to look like you're too tuckered out to care; if you're out at the bars, the loose tie and unbuttoned top button scream "sixth bourbon and water please!".

                That said, I think Albert has it right - only a four in hand.



                  Hey guys,

                  Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I think I'll "proceed with caution" with this one.