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    Tie Bar/Clip Question(s)

    Hi everybody!

    I've never posted here before, but now seems like a good time to start.

    So, I have a questions about tie bars. First, is there a difference between a tie bar and a tie clip? Or, are they simply the same thing?

    Second, I am looking at getting a tie bar (or clip) for Christmas. My questions, is how long the tie bar should be. I am about 5'8-5'9, and I generally wear ties that are 2 1/2" to 2 3/4" wide. How long of a tie bar should I get? I know J Crew (and other websites) list their shortest tie bars at around 1 1/2" or 1 3/4". Would a tie bar that is 2" long be too long for the width of ties I wear?

    I'd appreciate any feedback.


    Hey Squire, welcome bro! They are the same thing some people say button up some say button down same thing goes here. There are also tie pins which are to be avoided becasue they make a hole in your tie. YOu wear pretty thin ties so you want to get a tie that is about what you have listed is good, 1-1 3/4 length is your best bet .The 2 inch bar wont be too long but it would look wierd IMO.

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      I would say a maximum of 1.5 inches, but I don't like my tie bar to cover more than half the width of my tie, if possible.




        Thanks for the information. That really helps me narrow down the size of tie bar I want. Thanks!