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your christmas (hannukah, kwanzaa, etc.) list - gifts for yourself and others

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    your christmas (hannukah, kwanzaa, etc.) list - gifts for yourself and others

    It's getting to be that time of year - if you haven't done your holiday shopping already, you are probably thinking about it, and if you weren't thinking about it before, you are now. :-)

    I thought we could share gift ideas here. Maybe it's the gifts you hope to receive yourself (whether realistically or not), or maybe it's the great gift ideas you've got for the special people in your life.

    For my best friend/pseudo-brother, I bought the Deep Blue DayNight T25 that I posted about the other day. He has been looking for a Luminox watch for a long time but for $200+, he has never bought one. The Deep Blue has the same tactical look and tritium for half the price so I thought it was a good fit.

    For my real brother, I'm going to get some of those whiskey stones posted by Joe today. Plus a couple of Glencairn whiskey glasses and a bottle of Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. It's (relatively) local, relatively affordable, and gets surprisingly good reviews. My brother fancies himself a Scotch drinker so I think he will appreciate having the proper accessories for his habit.

    For my Dad, it will be books, as always. He is retired except for his volunteer firefighter gig and hates "stuff" but reads voraciously - 2-3 books per week. I think I'm going to get a boxed set of The Hunger Games, which I know he hasn't read, and my friends all seem to like a lot (haven't read them yet myself). The set is on Amazon for $30 but I think I can get it cheaper at Costco, I'm going to check it out today.

    For my Mom, earrings and a scarf, ordered off Sierra Trading Post. My Mom is really hard to buy for - she purports not to want extravagant gifts, but simultaneously her tastes are very exacting. (I guess I know where I get it from.) I spent a solid two hours browsing before narrowing it down to these:

    Now I just need to decide which will be her main gift and which will be the stocking stuffer.



    If those whiskey stones scratch glass, you might want to look for crystal whiskey glasses...

    I have no idea what to get anyone. I have the same problem every year.



      Sounds like you got some great gifts picked out.

      For my best friends:

      Gotta think about this still, one businessman, one soon-to-be lawyer, one financial analyst in korea.

      For the bro:

      Unsure about this, he's a dentist so he's got alot of stuff already. Maybe i'll get him some luggage if he doesn't have one already.

      For the parents:

      Some tee times at their favorite golf course here in Georgia.

      For the GF:

      This year I already got her a extravagant Bday+Christmas gift so I'm gonna get her some ski pants and a titanium straw from ThinkGeek.

      What I would want:

      An all-black metal watch (something like Seiko's snzg17k1) or a pair of brown wingtips, but I doubt anyone will get me either of these.



        For guys: cookshack smoker, Wurkin stiff stays, Duluth trading co apron for grilling, keychain lights and micra leather an tools-check out edc everyday carry blog. Also blank label egift certificates, knob creek, whiskey decanter.

        For gals: dinner theatre tix, new tennis racquet and lessons...and other personalized stuff not generalizable to y'all.

        Happy holidays!