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  • OnlyShawn

    well, i wouldn't wear it with chinos, though you could, so long as the tan was different enough in color. jeans will work fine, though it's not going to hold much up, so jeans have to fit pretty well. so...jeans, and an earth tone shirt, probably. white, of course, will work, as would blue, so long as its not a crazy bright blue.a small pattern gingham might work, and poplin would be better than oxford, just for the contrast.

    there's a start. of course, that's not exhaustive, but there ya go.

    When I get a new, stranger thing, I tend to wear it a couple times with neutral clothes; a white oxford and jeans, in this case, until I get comfortable with it, and expand a little from there. I did this with a pair of yellow wingtips that I have...though they pretty much stay with white oxford and jeans. When you're wearing bright yellow shoes, you can't really have anything else strange on.

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  • matt_chiswell
    started a topic belt matching

    belt matching

    Hi all, I recently acquired this betl for $4 at a fundraiser for a school in Guatemala. I appreciate it's not the highest quality, but I quite like it. However, I'm not really sure what to wear it with. Any suggestions?

    EDIT: on another note, how do I make the picture show up. I tried basic html and it didn't seem to work