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Camel Peacoat pairings

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    Camel Peacoat pairings

    Greetings gentleman,

    I have been a Dappered man for about a year now and would love to hear all of your suggestions on how I can utilize this camel peacoat I purchased recently.

    From Joe Fresh (a Canadian company that is slowly moving into the US) this coat is 70% wool and 30% viscose (rayon) with a full polyester lining. I particularly enjoy the milkyness of the buttons and I like how stiff the collar is when popped up (NYC windtunnels make your ears burn so this helps. I don't do it to be cool or to make a statement). The fit is perfect for me; slim,and easily able to be worn with just a polo (photo) or a blazer. But the absolute, hands down, best thing about this coat was that it cost me a whopping $29.99 (in addition to it being on sale there was a special on outerwear that day) so how could I not grab it?

    Here's a picture of just a polo to compare with the other photo to show slimness

    Here is where I come to you all. I've never rocked a camel colored coat before and am open to suggestions and tips on how to carry this beast into the world.


    Matt, it looks good. Button the inside buttons, if there are any. Unbutton the top button and the bottom button unless it's absolutely freezing.

    I would wear it with business casual clothes: a dress shirt, tie, slacks, and nice shoes.



      First of all, I am super jealous of that coat at that price. For $30 it is a total steal, well done.

      I think you could wear the coat with just about anything, as long as it's not on the extremes of casual or dressy. Camel looks great with dark jeans and any kind of contrasting trouser - just don't wear it with khakis, or you will look like you're wearing a flesh-toned onesie. For shoes, I'd think you could do just about anything from a casual boot to a dressy balmoral shoe.

      Underneath you can have basically anything - a button up with a tie would look especially good since the throat of the peacoat would show it off. A white shirt with a dark, solid tie would look pretty awesome against the camel. But matching your shirt to the coat shouldn't be a big deal, since you will likely be taking the coat off once you get inside a building anyway.