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    an everyday watch

    Hi all, I'm looking for opinions on watches! Currently I'm a freshman at college, and so I'd like to have one or two casual watches to wear. At the moment I have two watches, but I'd like to grab a casual one. At the moment, I have the

    Uniform Wares 200 Series (Rose Gold):

    - 18th birthday present from parents

    - great watch, but rather thick, and gets knocked a lot. Seeing as I want it to be one I'll have forever, I'd prefer not to wear it every day. However, at the moment it's my only go-to daily watch.

    Skagen Titanium Case w/ Mesh:

    - graduation present from family friend

    - this is more of my dressed up watch, but it's actually fairly hard to pair with clothes.. (On a note unrelated to topic, any suggestions?)

    Unfortunately, I don't really have a casual watch. At the moment, I'm considering making the exact same Timex as the one feature in this article: . However, I also love the look of this Seiko ( and this Timex that Joe recently showed ( any thoughts/suggestions/comments would be helpful.



    Lots of great options here:,/brand,/3434/cat.html

    There's even a nice looking automatic for $27!

    There's also Orient and the 50% off code from Dappered. Something like this for$87.50 is a great deal:



      That's the Timex that I'm putting the new strap on! Well not the same, but very close..



        I think any of those you mentioned above would be great options. Some watch snobs pooh-pooh Timex, but the simple fact of the matter is that they make some of the best value/cost watches out there. That Timex Weekender is great and if you live near a Target or a Wal-Mart, you can almost certainly find it for ~$30.

        One of my two daily wearers right now is the Seiko SNK793, a cousin to the Seiko you've listed with the same movement, case size, etc. It's a great little watch and keeps remarkably good time considering the cost ($60 new). I stuck mine on a brown suede strap, brushed the shiny bezel with a Scotch-brite pad, and I think it looks awesome.

        Anyway, I think you are on the right track. I definitely recommend taking a look at Target and Wal-Mart before you buy something online. They have a surprisingly good selection of affordables and it's always good to be able to see something in person before you buy it.




          I don't think that Timex on Overstock is an automatic, if you look up the model number on Amazon it's listed as quartz, which I'm more inclined to believe...



            BenR, that looks awesome! Definitely a fan of that. I think I'm leaning towards picking up the beige Seiko first, just because I absolutely love the look of it, but I'll try to find it in person somewhere first. Any ideas where they'd sell them?



              Well, finding that particular Seiko in a store might be problematic. Don't get me wrong, there are tons of Seiko dealers around, but because of the proclivities of the American market, very few of them carry Seiko's automatic watches. Most of what they sell will be the standard quartz and solar movements. Seiko's automatics are generally more geared for the Eastern markets.

              Fortunately, there are plenty of images online that can give you a better idea of how the watch looks and what kind of straps it can work with. Not as good as seeing it in person, but better than buying based on a stock photo as we sometimes have to do. Just search the model number, SNK803.




                While we're talking about watches, I'm thinking of asking for a dressier watch for Christmas. Right now I'm looking at this one:


                Which is $107.5 with the Dappered code...

                I love this one, but it's out of my price range:


                It's $212.50, even half off

                Any thoughts on other automatics with this kind of classic / semi-dressy look?



                  Jason, check out Skagen watches:



                    Those mostly look too modern / minimalist for me, and I think they're all quartz movements?



                      Jason, nothing comes to mind off the top of my head, but if you bring your question to the Affordables forum at Watchuseek, I'm sure you will get plenty of good answers. Those guys live to foist watches on other people. ;-)

                      Just show them the pics you have here and give them a budget range, I'm sure they will have some good things to suggest.




                        I went with this one:

                        <a href="">


                        At $100 for a nice automatic with sapphire crystal and a skeleton back it can't be beat. If anyone else wants to get one (soon) you have to go through this link:


                        Somehow that gets you to on that watch where it's not out of stock... If you go there directly it will say out of stock. Just use the DapperedDecember code for 50% off.



                          Darn... turns out it IS out of stock and this was just a glitch.