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Going to a wake tomorrow - is this a decent outfit?

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    Going to a wake tomorrow - is this a decent outfit?

    An acquaintance of mine passed away earlier this week. We weren't particularly close, but certainly liked each other and were friends.

    I'm going to the wake tomorrow, and while I'm not looking to "make a fashion statement" I do want to be dressed nicely and of course, respectfully.

    Since it's a younger crowd (he was only 26) I am expecting more of a lax code than say at my grandfather's funeral. Anyway, I'm planning to wear a dark brown pinstriped velvet blazer. That's pretty much decided on.

    Can I go sans shirt & tie? I have a nice black undershirt that might work, but I also have the option of a white dress shirt and wool tie under the blazer.

    For the pants, I'm not sure if I want to go with black denim jeans or lightly colored khakis. I have brown casual dress shoes that I'm planning to wear no matter the rest of the outfit.

    So please give me some feedback. Again, this is a wake for a younger person and given how under-dressed I've seen people in the past (Polos and sneakers) I think a casual blazer will be okay.


    I really think you should rethink the brown velvet pinstriped blazer. That's a very bold piece and is going to draw attention.



      I appreciate the quick feedback.

      To clarify, it's not nearly as bold as it sounds. The pinstripes are very subtle and I'm not sure if it's velvet - just a very soft material.

      My mom thinks its appropriate for the wake, and she's a pretty good judge. She would have NO problems telling me if it wasn't.



        Shirt and tie for sure.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano