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Patterned shirt too casual for wedding?

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    Patterned shirt too casual for wedding?

    Hi guys,

    I've got an upcoming wedding to attend and am torn at how best to dress for it. It's an outdoor summer wedding and it's been stated that it'll be at the more casual end of the formality scale. I've got a sweet cotton/linen suit sorted for it but am going around in circles a bit on shirt/tie choices. My initial thoughts were to go with a patterned shirt (probably a check of some kind) with a solid tie (either knit or wool), but can already hear my Mum in my head saying "You wear a white shirt to weddings!".

    So I turn to you, the knowledgeable and stylish chaps of the threads board, is a patterned shirt just too casual for a wedding? I'm expecting to be surrounded by a sea of black dress pant, white shirt, black silk tie wearing men. Not that this signifies the level of formality, rather just the dusting off of most of the blokes limited 'dress up clothes' collection.

    Any thoughts or suggestions are most appreciated.

    -- G


    Some here may disagree, I lean a bit adventurous. I'm guessing that your cotton/linen suit is some sort of khaki color? I'm inclined to say go for it with the pattern. You're not IN the wedding after all.

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      It's already a casual-ish wedding, and you're going to be a fair bit more dressed-up than the average wedding-goer simply by wearing a suit. I think you're pretty safe to play with patterns. If you're not sure, though, you might keep them on the subtle side - maybe something with just two colors, like a nice, summery gingham, or a very subdued pattern, like a white shirt with a fine tattersall.

      I wore ivory linen pants, a navy cotton blazer, a casual gingham shirt, and a solid tie to a friend's wedding this summer. I looked good and felt comfortable, not too dressy or stuffy, for their casual-ish, bike-themed wedding.

      Honestly, I think of all the wedding scenarios available, a casual, outdoor summer wedding is probably one of the best venues to play a bit with color and pattern.




        The last outdoor wedding I went to, I was the only person outside of the wedding party wearing a jacket. There were lots of cargo pants, pleated khakis, and billowy short sleeve dress shirts. I honestly felt a little overdressed wearing an old navy black linen/cotton blazer, green plaid shirt, dark jeans, and gray suede chukkas. Looked good though, so screw 'em



          I agree with the comments above. Usually, the rule of thumb is to follow what the wedding party prescibes; so if you were told its going to be on the casual end and it will be outside, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with a plaid shirt and linen suit. Some may oppose, but you can eve go without a tie. Personally if i was told casual, I would wear a linen suit gingham print button down, no tie, and driving loafers (the ones with the leather laces) sans socks. i cant wait to it gets warm again...

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            I agree with all above except the part about wanting it to get warm again... I love my fall clothes and being able to layer!



              Once again chaps, your collective wisdom and opinions have been a blessing. I've got mini-gingham purple button down that might do the trick. It's a bit outside of my traditional comfort zone colour wise. Just trying to sort a tie that will complement it (both colour and pattern) so if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them. I'm still a newbie at the pattern/colour matching game!

              @Max - Ties haven't found their way into my daily rotation yet (I'm still building to it), so I like to make full use of any occasion where wearing a tie is the norm rather than the exception.

              @Jason - Fortunately our summers don't get too hot here, anything above 25 (that's about 77 for any of you Fahrenheit users) is considered sweltering.

              -- G



                I'd say something like this:

       yPages%2FAll_Ties%2Easp&pg=0&categoryIds=31,20,70& optionValueIds=

                Since the gingham is a bold pattern, you want to keep your tie simple, with a solid color like this. The texture adds a bit, especially with a linen suit.