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    Peacoats (and alternatives)

    Hey guys, I purchased Bonobos' peacoat before the site went down. It just came today and I'm not sure what to think.

    The upside:

    1. The quality is excellent.

    2. It's thick and well-constructed.

    3. The wool feels fantastic.

    The downside:

    1. It has no silhouette to speak of. I ordered the peacoat in a small and the peacoat makes me look like a linebacker. I wear a 38R suit jacket and I have a 31" waist.

    2. Low armholes. I become Batman when I raise my arms even slightly.

    3. Huge, wide collar. The collar is so wide that it makes my head look tiny. It's actually a bit comical.

    I'm not sure if these stylistic traits are intrinsic to all peacoats, or if my thin frame makes me an oddity in the world of outerwear. I'd prefer a winter coat that was form-fitting, or at least on the slim and tailored side. It should look appropriate at work. Does anyone have any recommendations?


    Post some pics. Also, what is your budget?

    EDIT: Also, how cold does it get where you are? How much rain / snow?



      I have a BR slimmer fit from a few years ago that has held up well. It has a nice silhouette, pretty high armholes, and solid construction. It was made 3 or 4 years ago though.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        Jason, I'm not ready to become an internet fashion sensation just yet. Trust me when I say that it's a formless rectangle.

        greg_s, I have an older coat from BR that fits like a glove. It's a medium. It'd be fine, but the quality of BR's outerwear (including my coat) isn't very good. The pocket ripped after one year of wear.

        BR's medium is far more tailored / slim fitting than Bonobos' small.

        I travel a lot. The midwest and east coast can get pretty darned cold in the winter. It gets to about 10 degrees where I am.



          Well, I just won one of these on eBay...

          Not sure if the size is right but I got it for a good price and could flip it if necessary.

          I'm currently in love with all things Barbour, so maybe that would be an option for you? The regular Barbour stuff is cut big and boxy (to go over a sport coat, etc) but the collaboration pieces with To Ki To like this one are more form fitting.

          Otherwise maybe the original Schott peacoat is an option. I saw them on one of the deal sites for $135. It might be boxy too, though.



            I'm in the market for a new peacoat too since my old 80/20 London Fog has outgrown me. I'd heard good things about Target's version so I went and tried it on - the lapels were a little too wide for me at 5'8, but overall it seemed pretty good for the price. I also tried on some USN ones at the Army/Navy store and it was awesome - and at $150 (and government issued), I would hope it would last at least a handful of NY/New England winters. $150 might exceed my budget a little bit..but I think it might be worth it since I avoided any major Black Friday purchases.

            Basically if you're looking for sturdy quality (with a pretty slimming fit), I don't think you can go wrong with a USN peacoat - as long as the price is right.



              Jason, I hadn't considered a quilted jacket. Thank you for the idea. I'll start looking around for them.

              chern, I looked at the Target ones and didn't think that they'd withstand serious snowfall and cold temperatures. The army/navy store is a good idea. Thank you.

              To give you guys some idea: I can wear a fall coat underneath the Bonobos small winter coat. The fit is really strange.




                I also wear a 38R and have a 30" waist. Here's my take on several wool coats:

                I ordered a wool topcoat from Banana Republic. According to their size chart, I should have been a size Medium; however, I felt lost in that coat. The Small fit me snugly when wearing a suit jacket (like a glove). The material felt luxurious. The Alfani Red topcoat fit similarly. It has a peak lapel but lacks a ticket pocket. Old Navy offers the best value with a topcoat for just $59.

                Since you asked specifically about peacoats, there are two models of peacoat sold by Express: one is waist-length and the other is thigh-length. Both models fit close to the body - too close to wear a suit jacket beneath, should you be so inclined. When buttoning up the longer jacket, the topmost button is difficult to secure and results in being half-choked by the collar. But then few people attempt that anyway. The fabric feels coarse but this may be the result of the application of water-resistant coating.

                Sadly, both the BR topcoat and the Express peacoat had arm holes that were too low, resulting in bat wings. :\



                  Truth, thank you. I don't know why these retailers insist upon creating such low arm holes. Are bat wings supposed to appeal?



                    Hey guys, help me out here. Which of these looks nicer?


                    Topcoat #1:

                    Topcoat #2:



                      Depends on what you want... The topcoat is more dressy and business-y. I like the peacoat in black and navy and between the topcoats I like the 1st one in either black or saddle.



                        Just wanted to say I've owned a Target peacoat for the past 3 years and its held up surprisingly well and still nets me compliments. Its not the warmest jacket and its needed some minor stitchings around the pockets and such, but its more than I expected for $40-$60. I just make sure to throw on a scarf and on the coldest days layer a sweater or cardigan underneath.

                        I am looking to soon replace it with the J. Crew Bayswater peacoat in charcoal.


                        Granted IF they have another 25%-30% off sale around the holidays, as of right now $225 is out of my price range for a coat.



                          Just an FYI the Target peacoat (black, charcoal) is currently $55 and you can get another 20% off with code TGT2X6XT. Then click through this link for another $5 off, bringing it to $40. Should ship free.



                            "Granted IF they have another 25%-30% off sale around the holidays, as of right now $225 is out of my price range for a coat."

                            You are in luck because code GIFTS gives you 30% off orders over $250 through Sunday.



                              Jason, it'd be nice to be able to wear the jacket to work for the next few years, but I'm also worried that a topcoat would make me (a thin guy) look like I'm wearing a muumuu:

                              Havensk & trash, I don't think that I could get away with the Target peacoat. To give you some idea of the weather, it's going to be 27 degrees and snowing tonight..and it's only December!