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    Bonobos Taper?

    Hey all,

    I just got an order of Bonobos Graham slacker's with a straight leg, but from the knee down they flare out like bell bottoms. From the waist to the knee the fit is almost perfect, but I was hoping for more of a tapered leg.

    So my question is, is there a more tapered cut on Bonobos or should I head to the tailor?


    I've had the same issue with a few different kinds of their pants. If there is a slim cut, I have yet to find it. While I like Bonobos alright, I have not been impressed with how their chinos hold up. I'm sending my current two pair back. Might want to wear them a couple times before you spend the money on a tailor.

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      Bonobos only has a straight leg or bootcut for the washed chinos. maybe u got sent a bootcut?



        Vwpokerchamp is right...none of my Bonobos's flair.



          I've noticed some pants marked with the "SL" (straight leg) icon, but the description says they're boot cut, so it's possible you thought you were getting straight leg and actually ordered a boot cut. I'd just try an exchange, I'm sure they'll work it out (at least once they get the site back up and running...)



            Guys, Bonobos does have slim fit pants. They've also had fit issues across the different types of pants but those seem to be working out across the brand as it matures. I have almost 20 pairs of their pants and there is a marked difference b/w the SL and BL. None of my SLs flare out in the least. I'd suggest taking advantage of the free return shipping by contacting a ninja to setup a replacement. They're awesome and won't rest until you're happy.

            For an example of their slim fits, see





              Wow. That is a really slim fit in certain areas if you see what I mean...

              It looks like he sized way down and squeezed in from the knee up. Very odd looking slim.