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Perplexing wedding guest attire question

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    Perplexing wedding guest attire question

    So, the wedding invite reads "cocktail attire"-- for 4:30pm on a Saturday in late June, outdoors in a California vineyard.

    Does the "cocktail attire" part supersede the blazing hot afternoon outdoors part, and require a dark suit? Or can I (hopefully) get away with something more casual?

    I'd love to find a blazer that I can dress up to be more "suit-like," since I rarely have occasion to wear a suit. Any good, affordable options out there?

    (oh, and if you're gonna suggest an awesome chino/khaki suit/blazer, been there tried that. Doesn't work with my pale coloring. Oh, but how I wish it did).

    Thanks, this forum is great!


    A cotton or linen blend suit in navy?

    Cocktail attire is specifically stated even though it's outside and hot (I'm in CA also so I understand)

    Maybe you need to clarify with the bride, she is probably making sure no one shows up in shorts or sandals.



      I second the "Check with the powers that be" suggestion. I think the planners might not fully understand what "Cocktail attire" means.



        Look in the latest issue of GQ magazine towards the back. They have a couple page spread about weddings and attire whether your in the wedding or a guest of it... They give a couple outfits (none of them are cheap), but you can take their ideas and work off them.



          I was recently in Banana Republic and they had a great looking navy 2-button blazer. It was either a cotton/linen blend or 100% linen. Obviously not the cheapest of options, but it looked pretty rockin right off the rack and would likely require minimal tailoring. If I had more reasons to wear it, it would have been mine.

          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



            Thanks for all the responses and suggestions. I will check those out--

            I spoke to the bride-to-be, and she said that "cocktail attire" was mostly there to prevent in-laws from showing up in shorts and sandals, haha.



              Lol. Well, according to that description you'd be fine to with any suit you choose. You'll most likely be the best dressed one there.