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Acceptable Tuxedo Style?

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  • Butch_Z

    Hey, thuynh717. This will probably vary from person to person. Personally I think 1-button tuxedos look much, much better than 2- or 3-button tuxedos. It's also a more classic style. No vents is the classic tuxedo jacket (not including tails here.) However, dual vents seem to be acceptable. I personally see them more at charity events. Just make sure your tuxedo is wool and not polyester, or even tailored, it may still look like a rental. Just my opinion. Hope more people chime in and help you.

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  • thuynh717
    started a topic Acceptable Tuxedo Style?

    Acceptable Tuxedo Style?

    I am getting married in October and I recently bought a tuxedo online through Express because I wanted my own and have it tailored for me. It was a really good deal compared to other designer brands.

    I love the fit of the jacket and pants. I will still have my tailor take in the side and sleeves because I like the slim/fitted look.

    However, it is a 1-button jacket with 2-side vents. I'm not sure if that is normal. I only have 2-button suit jackets. Is a 1-button tuxedo jacket acceptable? Also, I like the 2-side vents, but I've heard that a non-vented tuxedo jacket is more formal. Should the tuxedo jacket have vents or no vents?