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    My First Cardigan

    I have never lived in a cold climate...until now. I'm looking into getting a cardigan. I'm not sure if I get this or not:

    I'm an XS so I can't get any of those amazing cardigans over at Old Navy. Anyone have some tips for a cardigan virgin?


    Sean, these cardigans do not look to be very high quality. Based on the pictures and the fabric type (70% cotton, 30% nylon) I would guess that they'd last one season. Also, cotton and nylon blends will not keep you warm.

    I recommend you look at 100% Merino or cashmere / merino blend cardigans.

    J.Crew factory has two that might interest you. (Subtract 25% from the stated price using the coupon "yourgift"). ~~~~~~/19088.jsp ~~~~~~/53176.jsp

    J.Crew's regular lineup has a few that would fit in a similar budget range:

    And they have a cotton-cashmere blend (fall weather weight) that's much nicer than the Gap one for $37.5:



      Not sold on a shawl color for a first cardigan. I would rather see you go for a wool-blend traditional cardigan to start, like this one:




        I got a heavy cotton knit shaker shawl cardigan from LEC that's not available any more (this one:

        I like it as a chunky outer layer over a dress shirt and tie.

        I guess you should decide whether you want a layering piece that you can wear a sport coat over or if you want a chunkier outerwear type.



          Thanks guys. Great examples for me to take a look at. I'm liking the Banana Republic one right now, but I think I'll make my decision later today.



            I actually think shawl is easier to pull off. It just strikes me as less bold/grandpa. Not that a cardigan is those things, just that the modern shawl styles seem more youthful to me and work for anyone over 20 or so.



              Bought my first cardigan at the Rue 21 outlet in Tannersville, PA a few months ago.

              Blue/ grey stripes and slim fit. I LOVE it - gotten compliments every time I've worn it.

              I don't think it's that bad of an idea for OP to choose a shawl style, but I prefer "Y" shaped cardigans. I agree with Cannon, shawl may be easier to "pull off" in some cases. It's safer, but low risk can mean low reward.



                FWIW, my first-ever cardigan was a shawl collar. I like it a ton and don't feel I look too grandpa-ish. To be fair, though, it's also made out of a sweatshirt/jersey material so it's a little more casual-looking.





                  It is funny that cardigans came up. A few days ago, I picked up this Merona cardigan from Target ( and I must say- it is true to size. Very nice feel, feels almost tailored to my physique (5'10", 180 lbs, athletic). I'd say try there and take advantage of this steal at $24.99.



                    I got this shawl collar from Express when it went on sale for ~$30.


                    Quite frankly I love it. The cotton is super soft (like 'I'd use this as a blanket' soft) and the red stripes actually give it a really nice touch of flair. I like both shawl an non-shawl cardigans, but I think non-shawl is a bit more 'mature'. Not saying for old people, but when on a college campus, the shawl collar works better. I usually wear this with a button down, sleeves sometimes rolled up, and now that it's gotten cold I just started wearing a scarf with it (a tie will also work).

                    I see the cardigan as a nice peice just below a blazer. It's casual enough to wear around town and with friends, while still dressed up enough to look dappered.



                      Heafcliffe - I am the same height/ weight as you. What size did you buy in the Merona cardigan?

                      Large would be my guess. Please let me know.



                        Within the last few weeks I got a few. I got this one with a BR 50% off coupon. I really like it


                        Also got this one in store for 40% off with another one of the coupons


                        Meh apparently the links break on BRs site when an item is out of stock. Not good.

                        I also got one at Old Navy for 75% off. Couldn't resist at that price though I probably wouldn't have bought it otherwise. It at least has some wool in it.




                          The dude abides




                            Haha! That's awesome.



                              @ Jon G., I purchased a Large. Fits very well but also allows for the rudimentary "loosening" of the fabric over time. I am definitely going back for another.