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A Desert Dilemma - Egypt

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    A Desert Dilemma - Egypt

    Dear Fellows,

    Can anyone point me in the direction of clothing that maintains ruggedness and refined looks that would be wearable in the desert, and in the city. To exemplify what I mean, I am a rock climber, a backpacker, a traveler, an explorer, a city-slicker and a woodsman. My jeans don't get washed, are roughed up, worn every day; my flannel shirts are almost worn thin, and yet I still wear one of them underneath my ralph lauren suit, etc. Getting the picture?

    here are a few pictures that show me running the gamut of different dressing, all within the last 6 months:

    Can someone fix this for me to display the pictures outright?

    Suit with flannel: _n.jpg

    My Canadian Tuxedo (probably my most worn outfit , sometimes I even wear a chambray shirt underneath it all-tehe) 737_n.jpg

    At a....frat? party.. haha, that's a rare occasion -white RL jeans: .jpg

    One more

    The Canadian Tuxedo again! haha


    Any ideas? Please keep in mind, I'm a *poor* college student, and so the cheaper the better.

    What comes to mind to wear in the desert and in the city? I'll be in Cairo a lot, but will be spending some time hiking out in the Sinai, and out West near the White and Black Deserts.




    some durable khakis. I was thinking mountain khakis, but they might be a little heavy. I have a pair that have had the shit worn out of them, and they look great.

    for footwear, desert boots would be the obvious choice



      Yeah, I think for pants I'll try and get lighter khakis, from like a What Price Glory or something...

      Shirts, I was going to try to find some old linen shirts somewhere too...probably a surplus store as well.

      I have desert boots (Yay! I get to wear them IN the desert) , and when I get my all leather boots resoled I'm going to ask the cobbler what we can do to them to make them more breathable for hot air.

      I found this site and am in love

      Check it out.





        Just go watch episodes of the A team when they went to Kenya and places. Watch for what the face man wears.