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    [MENTION=10240]LCDR[/MENTION], I try to rotate everything as best as possible, but I haven't worn the Alex nearly as much as the rest of my shoe rotation.


      [MENTION=3421]Vicious49[/MENTION], agree about the dress shoes. My black calfskin perforated capote is plenty enough for suits, and I can also rotate I my brown calf longwings if needed. I'll look forward to your pictures.

      With so many shoes, they also need to be cared for. I usually use conditioner on them at least every six months.


        [MENTION=9168]Vanquish[/MENTION], amazing collection. The Frankenstitch especially is such a beautiful boot.

        I hope someday soon I'll have the time to take some pictures of my collection, but since joining this site roughly a year and a half ago, my collection has grown... And grown. To start I had serious doubts about even purchasing Beckman boots at 50% off, but those days are long gone and now I also have Allen Edmonds, Riders, Tricker's, Meermin, C&J, and Quoddy in my collection. It's really an unhealthy obsession. They almost all get some regular wear though, although some of them are seasonal. Except for my black Park Avenues, which are reserved for formal occasions like weddings and interviews.


          nice thread.............


            My current shoe collection:

            Top Left to Bottom Right
            1. Allen Edmonds Park Avenue - Black
            2. Allen Edmonds McAllister - Dark Brown
            3. Allen Edmonds Cordovan Bradley
            4. Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots - Chromexcel
            5. Austen Heller Classic Driving Loafers - Brown
            6. Velasca RILASÀA Loafers - Brown
            7. Velasca REGOLÀ Loafers - Black
            8. Beckett Simonon Plain Toe Blucher - Brown

            Overall all these shoes are in my regular rotation except the Austen Hellers (only wear those in the summer.) The Beckett Simonon PTB are not great and need to be replaced with higher quality shoes.
            Measurement Reference: 5'11" 185lbs 40R 32x32


              not my collection, it's someone over in reddit/r/goodyearwelt:


              more boots porn:

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                A bit late, but here's updated shoe pics as promised. I decided to polish all my shoes today so figured now would be a good time to take the pics since I had them all out.

                Not pictured - Alfred Sargent Armfield captoes in black (they are still in the box on the shelf so forgot to take pics of them)

                1. Alden shell captoe boots with commando soles
                2. Alden Indy - the JCrew version
                3. Ron Rider chukkas
                4. AMI chukkas
                5. Peal and Co by Alfred Sargent
                6. Church Diplomat
                7. Crockett and Jones
                8. Allen Edmonds Strawfut
                9. Alden Dovers in snuff suede
                10. Alden Dovers in sand suede
                11. Alden longwings in tobacco chamois something with commando soles
                12. Heschung
                13. Ron Rider chukkas with a super lite sole
                14. Allen Edmonds Kenilworth in borboun (not sure if I'm keeping these)
                15. Group shot


                  And this is a pic of all my casual shoes.

                  Pictured are (in no particular order) - 4 pairs of Converse Jack Purcells, Bean boots, Clarks Desert Boot, Beckett Simonon chukka/desert boot, Converse All Stars, Onizuka Tigers, K-Swiss Billy Reid collaboration, Ralph Lauren mocs, Walk Overs, and my Nike running and tennis shoes.


                    I like #1, 6, 7, and 9


                      For those who remember Fred G. Unn, I came across a link to an album with his latest collection (as of September)... Looks like he has been busy! Thought I would share, for those who love a fine pair of shoes like I do:



                        I've never posted to this thread, but have enjoyed some good shoe porn on here. I was doing a little closet re-organization, and so snapped a few (poor quality) pics of my current collection (its still evolving...).

                        Starting with the boots:

                        From L to R, top to bottom:
                        1) Meermin balmoral brown calf and grain
                        2) Wolverine 744LTD brown shell
                        3) Wolverine 1000 Mile black
                        4) Frye Nolan brown (beater boots treated w Obenaufs LP)
                        5) JCrew Kenton Pacer acorn (?) suede
                        6) AE amok brown suede


                          Loafers and monk straps:

                          Just the loafers:

                          1) Meermin brown tassel
                          2) Lands End Fulton (wish I'd bought these in tan back when they were available)
                          3) AE chili grain
                          4) Meermin brown double monk
                          5) Wall+Water snuff suede tassel
                          6) Massimo Dutti taupe suede tassel
                          7) Bass Made in ME Weejuns tan penny
                          8) Meermin brown grain double monk


                            Dress shoes:

                            1) AE MacNeil brown shell (going to sell these)
                            2) Ecco tan cap toe blucher (wet weather beater)
                            3) AS for JCrew longwing brogue
                            4) Cole Haan tan wingtip (relegated to beater duty)
                            5) Meermin brown double monk (same pair as pictured above)
                            6) Alden burgundy cap toe balmoral
                            7) Meermin adelaide cap toe
                            8) ?? Italian cap toe blucher (I bought in Italy many years ago)


                              [MENTION=8057]Jamie[/MENTION] just when I was feeling guilty for having too many shoes you post this and I don't feel so bad. That's quite the collection!

                              what size are you? those macneils look nice!


                                Originally posted by zcm View Post
                                [MENTION=8057]Jamie[/MENTION] just when I was feeling guilty for having too many shoes you post this and I don't feel so bad. That's quite the collection!

                                what size are you? those macneils look nice!
                                Glad I can make you feel less guilty, [MENTION=8564]zcm[/MENTION]. Next time your SO complains about you buying yet another pair of shoes, just show her these pics and you'll be good to go...! And snap some pics of your collection and maybe you can also make someone feel less guilty! Plus this is a great thread, if folks contribute...

                                I'm a 9.5, but I think these are a 9.5C. Hardly any wear on the MacNeils - I just decided the style wasn't for me. I prefer sleeker lasts and styles, and these just don't get used. I got them as a placeholder for my grail RL/C&J Marlows. Also, these are pretty poor pics, the brown shell looks pretty spectacular in better lighting.