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Office-Ready Boots for Winter

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    Office-Ready Boots for Winter

    Hi everyone,

    I'm starting my career in the cold month of January in Montreal.

    Part of my wardrobe upgrade involves me getting rid of my ripped up converse runners for something more dressy. However, it'd like it to have some utility for the cold, snowy, slushy side-walks of the city. Obviously, something that wouldn't make me slip either on ice!

    I found the beautiful boot on GQ's Keep Your Cool This Winter: A 12-Step Plan. Specifically, if you could take a look at slide 7, you'll know what I mean. Gorgeous! Here's the link:

    Does anyone have any similar suggestions that won't break the bank?


    -Under $250 including taxes

    -Brown preferred, but not the end of the world

    -Some utility with good grip (rubber soles?)

    -Not squared, I'd prefer slightly elongated

    I appreciate your help.


    this kind of turned in to a boot thread, check some of the options there. Any preference on wingtip vs captoe vs neither?

    Also montreal is pretty sweet, should be a good time, if not a little chilly



      Thanks Ben.

      Personally, I don't mind either wingtip or captor. However, neither wouldn't really be an option.



        I hope someone can help me. The other thread helped me direct myself to some new styles, but ultimately, nothing was for winter, and they were more on the casual side.


        -Know of any dressy boots that are water proof?

        I'm assuming that I shouldn't look for "winter" boots since that will give me more bulky styles.

        It sucks that none of Allen Edmond or Florsheim boots are waterproof. Well, I think 2 from Florsheim were but there were not pretty to look at.

        After some research at the style forum, I've only found some good ones in excess of $400.

        Can anyone offer some guidance?



          I'd suggest wearing winter boots outside when it's wet / snowy out and changing into nicer shoes inside.



            +1 to JC's comment. Minnesota winters have taught me that there is often no way around it.

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              I think I'll do just that.

              Thanks for your valuable input.



                Check out the Allen Edmonds North Platte--it's a really sharp versatile brown wingtip boot with a mini-lug sole that would suit your purposes perfectly. It's a little pricey, but is marked down to $300 right now and you might be able to find factory seconds for much cheaper with all of the sales taking place right now.



                  I got some Florsheim Gaffneys that are going to get a coat of Sno Seal some time in the not too distant future to survive Wisconsin winters. It's got a lug rubber sole but still garnered the annoying 'why do you have such dressy shoes on' question a couple times already and I've had them less than a month.



                    Oh jealous people. Gaffneys are rocking.

                    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                      Haha, I doubt I'll get that question since I'll be wearing the boots to work.

                      Did you get the chestnut colour, or the brown with the suede in the middle for the Gaffney? Brown looks office-dress appropriate but I'm worried about the suede part for snow. The chestnut would only be good with a lighter stone grey suit, which is not in my immediate priorities.

                      I think I'm going to get nice brown wingtips shoes and a black boot that'll look good with heavier pants, such as flannel. Now to find such a flannel suit in Canada ...




                        I love all of these here, and with the current 30% plus the $20 off...might not have a hard time spending a tad more than 250?



                          Thanks Jared.

                          Before, when I was deciding to buy boots for the office, that was like killing two birds with one stone.

                          Now that I will be buying a separate pair of shoes instead for indoors, I'm likely to buy a dirt cheap, ugly, but more or less effective winter boot. Maybe an overshoe/galosh, or whatever their called instead.

                          I know this Quebecer store called Yellow has them for about $30. I'm guessing the fit of galoshes are nothing to worry about?



                            Not so much, they stretch, I don't wear them, as I wear all leather, and like to beat them up and be mean to them, so that I can them caress them and take care of them haha - they're like my red-headed step child... Was that a bit much? haha

                            Cheers Tarun,




                              What an incredible stroke of luck today!

                              My sister showed me a catalogue of The (Hudson) Bay and showed me a 100% cashmere blazer for $299 I believe, so I figured I'd drop by there. I never really thought I'd find anything of interest at The Bay.

                              Not only did I find one last medium gray blazer that was somewhat of a heavier fabric (was looking for flannel, but this is as close as I will find), but it was on discount from $299 with 40% off! The fit was incredible (I wear 36R apparently) and was already darted in at the waist. I still spent an extra $108 for alterations being: shortening of sleeves, adding functional kissing buttons and bring them in even more from the waist and shoulder blades.

                              But my luck didn't end there, those office-ready winter boots I was looking for ... well I found the Florsheim Gaffney's. Regular price $180 (I thought it was would be far more expensive here in Canada), with 30% off. Few sizes left, but 9 was one of them, and I am now a happy camper.

                              My follow up questions are as follows:

                              -Is it really customary to tip your tailor? If so, does 15% sound reasonable?

                              -I believe the Gaffney's are waterproof, but shouldn't I buy some sort of product to further protect it from the snow and salt? Any recommendations on such a product?

                              Still can't believe my stroke of luck!