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How often do you wash your clothes?

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    How often do you wash your clothes?

    When I was younger I thought you were suppose to wash your clothes after every wear! Goodbye denims! What is the normal range of wear and wash for you guys?

    Jeans - once or twice a season

    Chinos - probably every 3 weeks or so

    Shirts - probably every 2-3 wears

    T-shirts - after every wear

    Sweaters - After 3-4 wears

    outerwear (blazers, coats, jackets) - once a season

    Is this roughly about right?


    T-shirts, undershirts, underwear, socks, and athletic wear - after 1 wear.

    Non-jeans casual pants, button-down shirts - after 2-3 wears.

    Technical outerwear - twice per season or as needed.

    Sweaters, jeans, suits, and nice coats - as needed.

    That's generally speaking. If I'm wearing a suit all day long and doing something stressful, I'll usually pop that button-down in the wash right away. If I'm being very active outdoors, I'll typically throw what I'm wearing in the wash, as well.

    I don't dry-clean unless absolutely necessary, as I think it's more harmful to garments than most people assume. I steam and brush my suits and outerwear instead, and wash woolens in a mesh bag with a gentle soap.




      Casual Pants - Dryclean after a couple wears (3-4)

      Dress Shirts - after 1 wear

      T-Shirts - 1 wear

      Sweaters - as Needed

      Jeans...I found a receipt from 2009 in one of my pairs of jeans...yup



        OK this has been bothering me, how often (how many 5+hours wears) do you wash your wool sweaters? Like lambswool? And how do you do it, dry clean?



          I wash my wool sweaters as necessary. So, as little as possible, and usually only if they are actually dirty. Otherwise, letting them air out near cedar blocks seems to keep them fairly clean.

          When I do wash them, I do it myself. I wash them in a sweater bag, similar to this, , on cold, delicate, with the tiniest amount of mild or wool-specific soap (not detergent). Then I lay it flat to dry. This method has yet to damage any of my woolen goods, whether it's sweaters, hats, gloves, or scarves.