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    Express Extra Slim Fit 1MX Shirts

    *waves* Hi - first time on the site. I've read practically every post in the last couple weeks and love everything I've learned.

    According to the folks at the store, the Extra Slim Fit lineup is about 2 months old, but they have a bunch of different colors.

    Here's what I grabbed:

    Pros: Fit is amazing. I'm told the only change is the taper in the body, but I'd like to measure it up to see if it's the same sleeves and armholes. It follows my midsection well and doesn't billow like even the 1MX Fitted shirts do. It costs me $17 to get a shirt tailored for my thin frame, so if I can save a step, I'm thrilled.

    The Express 1MX colors are powerful, and I don't mind dry cleaning every 2 wearings or so. As usual, overpriced at $59.90, but I bought two (second one is $19.90), and used a $30 off $75+ for a total price of $25/each. Incredibly reasonable. <insert other 1MX pros here>

    Cons: The white shirt is nearly transparent. I can see my nipples from practically any angle without an undershirt. I could wear a long-sleeve v-neck underneath, and I might. The colors are more limited than the 1MX Fitted. No patterns. <insert other 1MX cons here>

    Of the two colors I grabbed - white and green - I think I'll bring the green back for another color. With the holidays, I could wear it a couple of times, but I think I would have to shelf that 10 months out of the year like I do with the pumpkin 1MX that I wore yesterday. A more standard color could get a lot more wear.

    Anyone else see these? Thoughts? Here they are on the Express site.


    Honestly, I can't tell the difference between the fitted and the extra slim fit. I also have a very thin frame, but the fitted version already fits me well, so I don't see a reason to change.



      I'm 6'1" and 148 lbs. My sleeve length is 34", and I have a small neck, so more fitted than fitted helps!



        I have about the same build as you Nicholas (6'0" and 150 lbs) with long arms (34") and a thin neck (15"). I own an Express 1MX Fitted shirt that I got on clearance a few months back. I bought a small because the medium was too big in the body. Now that I've worn that the small size shirt a few times I think it's a tad too tight in the body.

        On the Friday after Thanksgiving I took advantage of the 40% off sale and bought a medium Express 1MX Extra Slim Fit. I find the fit in the body to be just right. The sleeves are fine and my only complaint is that the neck is a litte big (seems like a 15 1/2").



          Hey Mike, we're pretty close! I'm 6'1" and almost the same weight.

          What else have you found fitting well off the rack? I wear 32x34s and find many of them too baggy in the seat. Old Navy's slim cords fit really well, but the Express Producer pant was a short 32x34. Still in love with my 501s and keep thinking about trying the 514s.

          For shirts, I really love the Extra Slim Fit and wore it yesterday. So perfect. I just need to replace all my other shirts with them. For sweaters, I tried the American Eagle sweater that Joe posted about recently and settled on the small since it has long long sleeves. It seems a bunch of brands are making longer sleeves than they used to, letting me size down to medium permanently and still have a sleeve past my wrist.



            Let's the rack I've tried the Alfani Red slim fit shirts (15 34/35) from Macy's. I would say that the fit is ok but not great (comparing with the Extra Slim Fit not as close in the body). The saving grace for those shirts is that you can get them pretty cheap on sale and there are usually a good variety of patterns and colors.

            I have a Nordstrom's SmartCare trim fit shirt which (to me) is a high quality shirt, again with a decent fit, about the same as the Alfani Red. The plus for this shirt is that it looks great with a suit or dress pants. It is pricey ($50) and I've never seen the trim fits on sale.

            The Nordstrom's Calibrate Slim Fit (not the Trim Fit) is a shirt that's cut alot like te 1MX Extra Slim Fit. But higher quality and higher price ($70). I just went to the pre-sale and saw they were marked down to $40.

            As for pants I love the Urban Slim Fit chinos from J Crew (I'm also 32x34 by the way). They are the best fitting pants for my body type (I have chicken legs). I don't like any J Crew jeans though. For jeans 501s are the best. I have a pair of 514s but don't really feel that the fit is that much slimmer. 514s feel a little thin to me as well. I use the 514s as a 'dressier' jean because the wash is darker.

            For a long time my 'go to' work pants were Banana Republic Gavin chinos. The fit is definitely roomier than the Urban Slim Fits but I've gotten incredible wear out of them (some for 5+ years with being worn twice a week). I think Banana Republic has changed their chino sizing in recent years so I can't comment on what's in stores now.

            For sweaters I'm not too picky about fit because I always wear a shirt underneath for work. Target Merona 100% merino sweaters are often on sale for $20 so that's what I'll buy. The fit is decent. Cashmere sweaters are probably my most thrifted item.



              @ Mike B

              The calibrate shirts are marked down already in store? I have never bought one as I generally like a pocket on my dress shirts, but I was hoping to pick one up at the half-yearly after christmas.

              Will also probably pick up a nordstrom smartcare trim fit. They are my go to, love the fit and quality for the price. The only downside is there are only a few colors/patterns and I already have most of them



                We have a Macy's nearby but no Nordstroms. I'm thinking of making a day trip to Chicago to try on footwear at Nordstroms and will be sure to look at their SmartCare and Calibrate shirts.

                My wife tried to talked me out of buying the 501s, but I saw it here on Dappered's $1500 wardrobe and wouldn't give up. She now calls them my sexy jeans. Win. I'll have to look into the J. Crew and BR chinos, but I'm pretty well stocked up on pants (by my standards).

                I grabbed one of the Merona sweaters for $20 too - very thin but works with so many different combinations.

                Old Navy seems to be a real winner for me - great prices for things I get a lot of years out of too. The slim straight cords from them I mentioned before - I wonder if they have a 31x34...I have to crank the belt down to get them to stay put. :-/




                  With a Nordstrom's card you can have them put away items 'pre-sale'. Then on 12/26 (first day of the sale) they'll charge your card with the discounted price. That way you don't have to battle the crowds on sale day. I'm actually traveling over the holidays so it works out for me.



                    I wear the 1MX fitted, and honestly, unless you wear them every day, you can just cold wash them and hang dry. Getting the wrinkles out is a pain though. Either steam or no heat setting on dryer with a damp towel.



                      I just dry clean them - about 1 or 2 shirts a week for $2 a piece.

                      Last Friday, I dropped off a bunch of shirts at Goodwill after realizing it wasn't worth the $17 to tailor them, but moving forward, I think all my shirts will either be the Extra Slim Fit 1MX or some other slimmer-than-fitted wrinkle free shirts. If I can find a good brand. Going to Nordstroms tomorrow!



                        Oh man. My inaugural post here.

                        As much as I loved the ESF in the body, I now have realized, thanks to Jason, that the mediums don't fit me in the neck.

                        Poking around on their site to see if there's anything worth buying, I noticed that they do make the 1MX Fitted in a Small Tall that's a perfect blend of my Small Neck/Chest/Waist with my Medium Torso/Sleeves. But only in white and black. Not too excited about that.



                          The 1MX extra slim fit shirts are also too big in the neck for me (my body size must be exactly the same as yours nicholas). The sales guy told me that the neck was 15 1/2 and I usually buy a 15. I didn't really plan on wearing a tie with the 1MX ESF, I just wear them under a sweater or without a tie at my business casual workplace. With the 1MX ESF I love the cut of the shirt and the available colors (and the price).



                            Yep! My neck measures 14.25. I'm thinking of trying a Brooks Brothers 14/34 or 14.5/34 since no one else seems to make that size, except for the Express Small Tall.

                            For a suit, I need a 36L which is why I opted for Indochino. I'd like to get a Ratio shirt too...partly because I could get the fit perfect on a MTM shirt and have a lot more options than the limited styles that BB has in my size.

                            Another question for you, Mike - for sleeve length and body length, you need a Medium. But for the neck, waist, and chest, you need a small. Do you err on the side of small when you can roll with the sleeves rolled up and the shirt untucked? That's been my MO lately. Plus rolling the sleeves breaks up my height and lanky-ness.

                            Seems, fortunately, that sleeves are getting longer. Plenty of folks complain about it, but I'm a fan! The LEC button-downs and flannels just barely fit me in Small. Happy so far. I still need to check out your J. Crew picks.



                              I'm a similar size, and I have always resorted to buying shirts that fit well in the body (size small) and have suffered through the shorter sleeves. I'm so used to rolling the sleeves up on shirts, I even do it on my few button downs that are actually long enough. I agree that LEC makes slightly longer sleeves - it might also be worth checking out H and M's dress shirts. Their medium is rather slim fitting, and they go on sale for around $20, so it could be an inexpensive option.