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"Sales" that are still too expensive for most of us

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    Originally posted by MattRicketts View Post
    Point taken, as well. My problem is that I have multiple hobbies/interests I like to spend discretionary income on (music, books, movies) whereas many clothing enthusiasts likely spend most of theirs on clothing and shoes.
    It's the same thing in all those other hobbies. Not everyone can afford a 1965 335 Gibson, or a 90" led tv, etc but people are going to point out when there's a deal for one.


      Originally posted by MattRicketts View Post
      I love Put This On and the clothing they feature but get tired of reading these "sale" posts for things that I still can't afford even though they're "deeply" discounted. Stuff like this just turns me off because it's obvious that you have to make a certain minimum salary to even contemplate regularly affording this kind of clothing. It just propagates the idea that a lot of menswear is only for rich people.
      I like the site as well for inspiration, but I'm of the opinion that you don't need to spend a whole lot in order to look good.

      You shouldn't feel that you have to buy expensive clothes in order to look stylish. I see plenty of men walking around with expensive designer labels on and they still look awful.

      Style can't be bought!
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