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Colors/patterns appropriate with glen plaid?

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    Colors/patterns appropriate with glen plaid?

    I recently picked up a Gray glen plaid suit at BR Factory store for cheap and I'm trying to figure Out what to wear with it. Ive never owned a plaid suit before so it's new territory for me. The pattern is actually pretty subdued, to the point where from more than a few feet away it just looks like a normal gray suit. I can't figure out what the scale of this pattern is, or if it even matters for something like this.

    I know solid colors would work, but would a smaller checked or gingham shirt work as well, such as in the photo below? (the shirt is actually light blue checks, even though It looks grayish).

    Also, what about ties to go with it? Is a bolder striped tie too much? I don't really own any non-striped, patterned ties.
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    I'm awful at this, so I rely on the old rules: 2 out of 3 patterned, and ensure the patterns are of different sizes.

    I think a thick stripe tie would be quite nice, and getting another "pattern" into that combination looks daunting.


      I think that combo works well because the scale differs. Not sure what you mean when you say you can't figure out the scale, one is a big check and one small. Nothing more to this

      You can add in a 3rd pattern on a tie but I'd say crawl, walk then run. Go with a solid tie with that combo


        Three patterns is advanced Dandy style

        Might be a bit much for the average man even if you figure out how