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FRIDAY CHALLENGE 7/12/2013 - Second-Hand Goods (Thrift, eBay, etc.)

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    Originally posted by Furious Styles View Post
    Congrats BB on the win! That was clearly a sharp outfit, worthy of the victory. Thanks everyone who voted and said nice things about me.

    [Silently places 2nd Place Challenge ribbon on mantel next to fifteen other second-place awards]

    As a suggestion, how about a color-specific challenge, like "Green, Blue, & Pink as primary colors in an outfit." Or event-specific challenges, like "Summer Outdoor Evening Concert." This was fun, glad I got to play along...
    Oh! I really like the event-specific idea. It leaves so much room for interpretation rather than leading someone to a conclusion. Are you taking notes, BB? :-D


      I think that's very cool -- I've already settled on an idea for this next one, but hopefully this thing will continue so that we can get through a lot of ideas. Here are some other ideas that won't be the challenge for next week:

      FU pants (red, purple, orange, mint, plaid, or with prints)
      Monochromatic (every piece of the outfit but the shoes must be varying shades of a single color)
      Summer Suit

      In terms of event-based one, obviously there's "Casual Friday" but it would be nice to see "dinner to meet girlfriend's family" and "interview with a creative start-up."