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    Summer Trunks

    Hey guys. What's your choice for summer trunks?

    I recently picked up a great pair of Converse 1908 vintage trunks. Although I'm sure in 1908 Trunks were a lot shorter as long as trunks come of my knee and don't show my thighs I'm fine. These are really great for 20 bucks they are black with a white and blue stripe across the top and have a great worn in look. I was thinking of getting the plain more short Merona trunks but I didn't want to give off that 'Dad' look. Don't get offended. Dad is not a bad look. I;m just 20 and have some years before I hit that field.


    bump this one. I know Joe mentioned a while back that he was going to do a trunks post soon.

    I personally go with Polo board shorts with a 6" inseam. I like to think that the plainer, shorter trunks are less "Dad" and more "James Bond". Not that I delude myself into thinking I look like Daniel Craig at the beach.



      6" inseam?!?! To each his own, I guess, but 6" would leave a WHOLE lot to be covered. I'm taller than most, at 6'2", so I definitely need, at least, a 9" inseam.



        i'm only about 5'10" (with a long torso at that), so i guess i've got a lot less leg to cover. but i get that they don't work for everyone - 9" is probably great for most. that said, i have gotten some compliments from the ladies on the shorter trunks.



          To OP - where did you purchase the Converse trunks? Having trouble finding such a thing online. Thanks in advance



            I think he bought them at Target, since he mentioned Merona, and I know Target carries a lot of Converse.

            Check that out.





              Big fan of the Patagonia Board Shorts



                Sorry for late reply but yeah, there at Target. You probably need to go in store. Target's in store and online catalog almost never matches up. But if you just need to see what they look like here ya go



                They look like a pair of trunks that's been sitting in a truck for 10 or more years that you just rediscovered.



                  I just wrote a post about this very topic on my blog. Here's the link:




                    I'm a bargain shopper and am usually pretty thrifty unless I come across something I think has good quality that I really want. This spring/summer I splurged (for me at least) on a pair of original penguin volley shorts in 'flint stone':


                    No complaints so far, no issues with quality so far but I've only had them a month or so.

                    Beefcake those shorts look really nice and I'm sure the price was right, i'm starting to wish this thread existed a month ago!