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Drycleaning Indochino Suits

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  • MikeAD91
    I've had some pretty cheap suits dry cleaned without a problem over the years, so I'd be surprised if doing it once destroyed the suits. Getting a vinegar stain out is a different story...

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  • Kittiwake30
    started a topic Drycleaning Indochino Suits

    Drycleaning Indochino Suits

    I have a couple of Indochino suits which I wore to a recent business trip in Atlanta. It was hotter than Hades there and I have to get my suits dry cleaned. Actually, an exorcist would be more appropriate given the sweating I did, but I digress.

    I am happy enough with the fit of both suits, the essential gray and navy, but I can't shake the feeling that the drycleaning process is just going to destroy them. There's something about the suit construction that doesn't instill great confidence in me. It's like one day I'm going to sneeze and the suit will just combust.

    Has anyone else had an Indochino suit dry cleaned and did it survive the process?

    Before you advocate steaming, etc. it *has* to be dry cleaned. Doesn't help I got hammered and wasted balsaminc vinagrette on the jacket.