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Herringbone Sport Coat- Opinions Welcome!

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    Herringbone Sport Coat- Opinions Welcome!

    Good morning fellow members,

    This is my first post, but I'm sure that it won't be my last. You guys have got an awesome forum here!

    I'm in the market for my first Herringbone sport coat, and I wanted to see what you guys thought about the versatility of this one from Massimo Dutti.

    It's a pretty light shade of tan, I know, but I found it to be quite nice.

    What are your thoughts on it? Do I need a darker brown or is this okay?

    Thanks a lot!

    The material looks good. A light-colored linen/cotton herringbone is a good summer fabric. It won't be as seasonally appropriate in the winter, but it looks like it could be a solid spring/summer/early fall jacket. Two issues to consider:

    1. It's cut fairly short, making it a more trendy. Not a deal breaker for some, but something to keep in mind.
    2. Is it fully lined? If it is, that will negate some of the cooling properties of the linen/cotton blend.


      Looks short. Otherwise, daddy like.
      6'4" 210lbs, 40L, 15.5/35, 35x34