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Tie/bowtie/suspenders combos

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    Tie/bowtie/suspenders combos

    Does anyone have any good pictures or examples of tie/bowtie/suspender combos that look good? Are there any general guidelines for these items? I know bowties and suspenders are pretty common, but what about regular ties?

    I've never been a suspender wearer, so I don't really know what's typical.
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    There are those on AAAC who might state vehemently that suspenders are underwear so shouldn't be seen, therefore their color doesn't matter.

    That seems a bit extreme and impractical.

    I've got one suit with which I wear them (and my tux) and I have a silk-leather set of red with white polka dots i got off ebay, and generally follow the same guidelines as I would with pocket squares. (no matchy-matchy, different pattern sizes etc).

    As for ties, there is nothing that limits suspenders to bowties, except the eccentricity of those who would wear either, which is why now you associate them with each other.

    Suspenders are truly practical and are meant to keep your trousers up, as a belt would, but without constricting you around your waist.


      I don't own suspenders, but I would if I had loopless pants. It seems silly to me to wear them with looped pants. That being said, I wouldn't go flaunting them. I would wear them under a jacket and keep the jacket on. If the jacket was open and someone saw them, no biggie. And if it's oppressively hot and I have to ditch the jacket, again no biggie. But I wouldn't be the "Hey look at my suspenders" guy.


        You need suspender buttons on your pants to wear them, the clip ones will wreck fabrics over time, if you want to wear them with jeans or chinos then I wouldn't worry.

        If I'm in a tux, white suspenders for white shirt, but if I was in say a black suit I'd probably wear black
        If I'm out having fun, red, grey, orange, yellow etc.


          Sorry, bow tie and suspenders, my mind went immediately to this

          Bow ties are cool...

          Seriously though, I agree with the other posters, only wear them if they have the button holes and you have buttons.
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