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Tommy Hilfiger Slim fit suit

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    Tommy Hilfiger Slim fit suit

    Hey everybody,

    with the big sale Macys had going on yesterday, plus a 20% off coupon I got in the mail, I picked up this Hilfiger suit for about $175 shipped. It was definitely an impulse buy and I can always return it to a store, but I thought I would take a chance. 3

    I know this suit has been discussed here and I was hoping anyone that has owned it for awhile had any comments on it. Does it seem pretty sturdy? Will it last?

    I only own crappy, boxy, Jos. A Bank suits, and I promised myself I was gonna save up and drop a little coin on a nice suit instead of buying cheap ones, but it seems like I got a steal on a suit that is going for 300 today. Also, since it is sharkskin it probably won't be my "go to" suit, and maybe I will wait to spend more on a navy or charcoal suit that will probably get more use. I just wish it there was a third piece vest I could get with it.

    Anyone that has one of these let me know your thoughts on it.



    I have that suit - kind of an impulse buy for me too, actually. Quality seems ok, it's 100% wool, you're not going to find much better for the price anyway. For a "slim" cut, I found the pants a bit baggy (still need to get them tailored) and the jacket a bit boxy at the shoulders, but it's wearable. If it's something you're only going to wear every now and then I think $175 is a good deal. I'm looking forward to being invited to a daytime summer wedding so I can wear it, and have some fun with it.



      Thanks trash, I'm having a day time summer wedding in June, should I drop you an invite? : )

      Of course, you couldn't wear the suit because my bride to be wants me to wear this color,and you can't match the groom. I am thinking I would rather wear a darker, maybe charcoal suit, but this might be the one if it looks decent and the bride gets her way



        I own the Alfani Slim Fit Sharkskin suit, which I preferred over the THF one when purchasing. Plus I like the buttons on the Alfani as grey over the black ones on the THF.