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Levi's 501 - what's similar?

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    Levi's 501 - what's similar?

    Posted this in the comments, but will repeat it here:

    I'm looking for a pair of jeans that is slightly slimmer than the 501's, but NOT as slim as 514's.

    Would like something that's:

    (a) in the same price range as levi's (say, under $50)

    (b) does not have an annoying giant label on the back

    (c) prefer smaller pockets, as most large pockets on jeans look ridiculous on me (fairly small)

    On that note, anyone here ever try taking the levis label off with a seam ripper?


    I would try the Lands End Canvas Heritage straight fit jeans. I think they might hit the fit you're looking for. They were on sale for $15.99 a pair at the local Sears (chicago) over the weekend.



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