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Pants, Trousers, Slacks, Dungarees, Britches, whatever

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    Pants, Trousers, Slacks, Dungarees, Britches, whatever

    Anyway, I need some new work dress pants. Wool, plain front, fairly slim but not ridiculous. Looking to pick up 3-4 pairs, probably a navy, charcoal, lighter grey and maybe something patterned. Looking to have them in the $100 range, tops. Less would be great, but I'm realistic.

    What are my options?

    Banana republic maybe?

    Bonobos if I can score a groupon and a code?

    I feel like I'm normally pretty good on picking places to go for what I need, but I'm a little lost on this one. If there is a store around, that would be great, but I'm confident in my sizing, so online could work if the brand fits as advertised.

    What do you guys have that you like?


    My Bonobos are my absolute favorites. They are cut perfectly for me and just needed hemming. I also have a pair of Banana Republic trousers I got at a thrift that I like, but I had to have them tapered.



      No personal experience here, but I've heard/read good things about lands end and LEC pants. Can easily catch a sale. Lands end would likely require some tapering. I've had good luck with BR pants, albeit never wool, but I need them tapered.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        Easy answer. Bonobos. All day, everyday.



          I was afraid that was the answer given the bonobos love here. Anyone have a groupon 50% off or store credit they want to sell me?



            Some of the regional Groupon websites have them. Check the Bonobos threads. The 50% off Groupon is definitely nice, but I would buy them even with only the 20% off code.



              Is this still good?




                unfortunately not, thanks though?

                how do bonobos pants fit? I've heard a little big? I'm normally a 31x29, should I go down to 30? I guess with free shipping I can just try it, but figured someone here would know.



                  Compared to what? I wear 32 in Gap but 34 fits me in Bonobos, and I'm 36 in the Brooks Brothers I tried on



                    I like Nordstrom Rack for Work Trousers. You can get 150+ trousers for around 40-50.

                    You can get full Cashmere Hugo boss trousers that go from 250 down to about 90. So if your budget is 100, I'd look into those



                      Another vote for Bonobos - I can only speak to my experience, but the 30 waist is perfect for me. Just had to have them hemmed a few inches.



                        What pair does everyone like from Bonobos? I am also looking for a pair of basic wool grey pants, but I see about 15 different pairs and I am not sure where to start.



                          Well, I have these:


                          and these:


                          but my favorite are these (brown, but they also come in grey):


                          I like all 3 pairs



                            There pants classification is kinda confusing...seems like there are many pairs that are very similiar, but very in price, weight, etc. However, I have about 6 pairs of their pants....wool, cotton, dress, casual, etc. They all fit great. If you don't know which ones to get, go on their facebook page and ask. They will answer you within a few hours. Either that, or call or email them. Their customer service is top-notch and they give great advice.



                              you could always order by phone or email from uniqlo. their wool pants are great and only $50. I just bought them in navy.