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    Originally posted by DocDave View Post
    Great looking collection. The IWC is gorgeous. What band is the watch on? Is that the stock band or did you swap it out for something else?
    It's on a navy blue shell cordovan strap. This one to be exact -

    The only thing I would change is I would have held on to that JLC Deep Sea Chronograph. I'll probably pick that back up at some point to replace the Speedy. The Speedy is a nice watch but it's a bit too generic for me,


      Originally posted by Vicious49 View Post
      I loved the watch. Possibly one of the most perfectly proportioned watches I've ever come across. It was gorgeous. But I wasn't wearing it. It's sort of like owning a Ferrari but putting 50 miles a year on it. My lifestyle at the moment doesn't require a dress watch. That may be different 10 years from now and then I'll regret selling it. But at the moment it's a lot of money tied up in something just to keep it on my dresser.
      Damn. You made the right choice, and it's a tough one to do. I have quite a few pieces that I should have sold a long time ago for the same reason. Hope you didn't take too much of a hit (in terms of recouping your investment) on reselling it.

      Separately, I have also been eyeing a heavy hitting dress watch to go into my rotation (probably a JLC), and although I have a white collar job where I do need to dress up from time to time, I still struggle with the idea of spending a ton of cash on a watch that would be too dressy for me 80-90% of the time (as my current rotation of sports watches cover me from casual up through semi-formal). So I see your point.


        Yeah, it was tough to get rid of the JLC and if I was richer I would have hung on to it. But it was the smarter financial decision.

        Here’s a pic of the rest of my current watches at the moment.
        Farer Lander
        Halios Seaforth
        Timex Q Reissue
        Casio GShock GW-5000

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