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Chronos for small wrists?

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    Chronos for small wrists?

    Hey guys,

    I'm in the market for a sporty-but-sleek chrono on a stainless steel bracelet. I've fallen in love with this PVD-coated Victorinox Chrono Classic:

    But the problem is I've got tiny - TINY - wrists. I think the ideal watch size for my wrist is somewhere between 37-39 mm - anything over 40, and it's just tacky.

    Can anyone recommend a great-looking chrono under 40mm? Especially if it takes after the above Victorinox...

    Thanks dudes!


    Check out the Chronographs over at Alpha:

    I think their Panerai look-alike is awesome, and only 38mm.



      Take a look at Casio Edifice and Seiko. Many of the Edifices are fairly large but I have a mid-sized one that looks good on my tiny wrists (I think it's 41mm).

      Seiko makes a TON of quartz chronographs that are moderately sized.




        I also have ridiculously small wrists, my favorite watch right now is a mesh band one from skagen. Not the chunky "in" watch style right now, but it looks good and doesn't get in the way of my cuffs.



          @brooklyn87 & bnerd,

          I don't know if you've considered it before, but a pocket watch is also an option. I too am a skinny guy with small wrists, but instead of hunting around for a strap/watch that didn't look extremely over-sized I went old-school & got a silver-colored pocket watch.

          My Dad also had an old one (came down from my Grandfather) in a gold color, so now I'm set for any other accessories I wear (cufflinks, wedding ring, graduation ring, etc.). You may want to check with male members of your family to see if they have any laying around unused.

          I've found that they go with just about anything & if you get the correct type of chain, you can easily wear them with jeans (secure the chain around a belt loop & the watch goes into that fifth pocket that's rarely used for anything other than a small knife).

          TL;DR - Consider pocket watches.