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    Levi Alternatives

    I refuse to buy Levi's for personal reasons but I need a new pair of jeans. What are some good alternatives?


    Gap makes a pretty good pair of jeans



      Check out Lands End Canvas as well. Cheap, good fits and washes, good customer service.



        I have had my eye on GAP. They seem to make good jeans. I want something long lasting. Any American made options?



          How much do you want to pay?



            I know that Andrew, the editor/author at Primer Magazine, really likes GAP jeans. I haven't strayed from Levi's since discovering the 514 so I don't know much about other jeans.

            American-made are going to cost you a pretty penny, any way you look at it. I can't think of any non-boutique jeans that are American-made off the top of my head.




              I like my Gap jeans. They have selvage and non-selvage raw indigo washes. I've got one of each, and while I like the selvage more, I'm not sure I like them nearly 2x more, which is the cost difference. I got them when Gap was having an in-store 40% off sale, so I was good with paying $50 for a pair that are normally $90.



                +1 on Gap. If I had to buy another pair today that's what I'd go with (although not at full price). I hate that last year's jeans had some fray at the bottom. I'm not sure if they left that on the current line or not.

                Btw, what's with the 1960's all over the inside of these jeans? Such transparent pandering to a certain motif with Gap 1969 and LEC 1963.



                  They have dates from the 1960's on them to warn you: the only people who should wear those jeans were born before the date on the pants.

                  Ba dum tchh. I kid, but really.. Gap's jeans have a strange fit.



                    I love my Lee jeans. A little less expensive, but fit well and after being worn in become very comfortable.



                      The LEC straight for $12-$14 are a steal. Check out the 1-year and rinsed indigo. I like them more than my 514's.



                        Are there any competitive brands made in the US?



                          here is a list of denim companies that are made in the US. Whether they are competitive price-wise I guess is a personal opinion requiring a little research.

                          AG Jeans — Los Angeles, California — denim*

                          Baldwin Denim — Kansas City, Missouri — denim

                          Crate — Los Angeles, California — denim, outerwear

                          Earnest Sewn — New York, New York — denim

                          J Brand — Los Angeles, California — denim

                          Jean Shop — New York, New York — denim

                          Imogene + Willie —Nashville, Tennessee — denim

                          Left Field — New York, New York — denim

                          Levi Strauss & Co. — San Francisco, California — denim*

                          Rag & Bone — New York, New York — denim

                          Rising Sun — Pasadena, California — denim

                          Rogan — New York, New York — denim

                          RRL — New York, New York — denim*

                          Raleigh Denim — Raleigh, North Carolina — denim

                          Spurr — New York, New York — denim

                          Tellason — San Francisco, California — denim

                          The Stronghold — Los Angeles, California — denim



                            If you are in NYC I would suggest Uniqlo ($40ish) or Joe Fresh ($20 a great deal for dark fitted jeans) Personally I love my Levi 521's!




                              Thanks, I've checked a similar, or maybe the same list before. Mostly pricey, but not enough to stop me. 7 For All Mankind offers many jeans made in the USA too.