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    Sport Coat Refresher

    Hey Guys,

    I'm a recent college grad and have been gradually trying to improve my style the last year or so. I've been reading this site and a few others and I think it's finally time for me to invest (still trying to stay on a budget) in a sport coat to wear on a casual night out.

    Any suggestions? I seem to remember the Old Navy sportcoat being hailed as a bargain. Is that still the case? Also, what should I look for as far as fit goes? Similar to how a suit jacket should fit?

    Thanks for any help!


    Honestly, I've had the best luck in thrift stores. You can get a sportcoat much better than one you can afford off the rack for a fraction of the price. Look for good brands like Brooks Brothers, Hickey Freeman, or even the common brands you'd shop now like Old Navy, Gap, Lands End, etc. Look for good store names on the tags like Nordstrom, Saks, Barneys, etc. and you'll know it's of at least acceptable quality. Look for colors you like and try everything on. Make sure to look over the whole garment for damages, especially around the seams, and look for any moth damage (tiny holes in the wool shell). Avoid anything that looks too dated (low gorge, super wide or narrow lapels). Make sure you know how a coat should fit before you go.



      Welcome Dbplay. I think your best bet and most versatile option for a first SC is a blue blazer, w regular non brass buttons. it will go with almost anything you have. honestly, i think you should go to a thrift store and see what you find first, just so you become accustomed to rocking the blazer, then when your comfortable move to ON, Gap, BR, etc...many options for low priced merch, and there is always a sale somewhere. Also with the thrift option, you can get the alterations done without feeling your spending too much. I think there is a link to a great website that shows the perfect fit for jackets in here somewhere. its a drawing. someone will better direct you there.

      "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



        Agree with everything above, although I think a gray-ish worsted wool, tweed, or herringbone is equally versatile.

        Fit is key so getting a bargain is relative depending on how much tailoring you need to sink in to make something work. I tried on the Old Navy sport coat this weekend (30% off sale until Tues) and it was too casual for me; I don't think I could dress it up (the lapel was all over the place). I also thought the fit wasn't slim enough. I prefer thrift finds because IMO the materials are usually better and sometimes I only need a slight waist tuck and sleeve adjustment to make it work. I think the other gents here have scored better finds but I've bought a camel blazer for $15 at Goodwill and also a Navy for $15 + $38 in tailoring (all 100% wool). I've even changed out buttons myself for $7 (materials cost).

        A good link on fit (not the same one Max was referring to...can't find it for some reason):

        And I've also started a Flickr photo set on fit:

        My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



          Thanks for the quick responses everyone. I appreciate it.



            Go read through the thrifting thread before you go and you can see some of the stuff the guys on here have been picking up



              what are your chest and waist measurement dbl?



                41" chest and 33-34 waist



                  Well, you're my same size (maybe a bit slimmer), which is a good thing because you're right in the sweet spot for finding thrift items. What's your total budget and what do you feel is missing from your wardrobe besides a blazer?



                    I guess I don't really have a set budget, just trying to gradually add items. I work in a public accounting office so the bar isn't set that high as far as fashion goes. I'm looking to find some alternatives to just the standard dress shirt and slacks.



                      DBL I have a 39.5 chest and 31 waist so the same 8 inch drop as you. The "tailored" blazers from GAP and BR fit me decently if you are considering an OTR fit. Thrifting and tailoring would be the better option if you can get some lucky finds.



                        I just recently bought the Grey Wale Corduroy Sportcoat from Jcrew for $65 (sale+student discount) and it is fantastic. You say you are looking for a casual jacket to wear on a night out so I would suggest trying out H&M. That is where I purchased my first sportcoat and it cost me under $100 (maybe like 80 or something). The fit should be trim; something you feel comfortable in yet is not a box.