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    Ok...if you're like me when you hear the name Daffy's you think large discount clothing store with hundreds of thousands of clothes lining the floor and you have to be Indiana Jones to sift through everything to find something that you like...and that fits.

    So with that said. I went out on Friday. My brother was there and he has zero sense of style, nothing fits him, colors are awkward and I normally dump my ill-fitting clothes on him because frankly he doesn't care. But he showed up on Friday with an off the rack, collared, button down shirt that was tapered perfectly with high arm holes and everything. This shirt was sharp.

    My question is...anyone here ever shop at Daffys? I know we praise Target for being such a hidden gem of style, but what about Daffys?

    Btw he said he paid 20 bucks for this shirt and I wouldn't be writing this if it didn't look so great.


    Never heard of it before... Looks to be only in the NYC tri-state area



      Il be in NYC on Thurs, if i am in that area i will swing by there see whats up. but i am still not clear as to what type of store this is. I suppose thier stuff is new, so its like a b&m gilt? or is it like a Marshalls?

      "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



        I've never went shopping in Daffy's. It's a discount clothes store like Marshalls. They sell other brands at discount prices but they have a house brand. The shirt my brother was wearing was Daffy's house brand.

        So yeah I'll try to check it out because I work near one and I'll give you a heads up. Theres a few stores here in the city.



          Another reason we praise Target is because there's one (or two) on every corner. As a Rocky Mountains guy, it's hard for me to get excited about stores that only operate ~2000 miles from me.




            Yeah I figured Daffys was nationwide but I guess not.

            We have all these stores in New York, but no Target. The closest one to the city is about a 20 minute drive away.



              There is a Target at 116th street and Pleasant ave. Take the 6 train to 116th street and it is a 4 block walk.

              I bought a cardigan at Daffy's once. The signal to noise ratio in that place is pretty bad though.



                Has anyone ever been to Stein Mart? Went yesterday for the first time. Always passed it up because I assumed it was a grocery store. It's actually more like a Marshall's/Ross geared towards classic style. In other words, It has department store stuff at Marshall's prices without the heaps of urban wear.

                I grabbed a preppy looking Vinyard Vines belt for $15. I'll almost certainly go back to buy cuff links or a tie bar (they had tons of them) as well as some CK-style boxer briefs and GTH red or yellow Polo socks. They also had a nice outerwear selection with London Fog, Columbia, and Timberland jackets.

                My only beef was that they only had huge sizes. They had some pretty good looking dress shirts, but the smallest size was a medium (which of course is way too big for anyone that cares about fit). Several of them were even tailored/slim-fit, but the smallest person they would fit would be 6'2 190.



                  Interesting... There's a Stein Mart around here, but I've never been. I'll have to check it out.



                    Thanks so much for the suggestion of Stein Mart! I went this evening and got a tie bar for $10 and a Rooster bow tie for $12 (after the 20% off coupon you get when you sign up). I'm going to wear the bow tie tomorrow.

                    They have a lot of pretty good quality stuff for good prices. Alan Flusser cashmere sweaters were $99. Polo RL sportcoats were like $125. Lots of hats and outerwear. It's all around Macy's quality. A lot of the Nautica ties I've seen at Macy's for around $50 were there for around $15. The same dress shirts that are at Macy's (Geoffrey Beene, etc) were there for $20-25. Lots of cufflinks and tie bars for $10-20.



                      I went back to Stein Mart today for their Veteran's Day sale. With their 30% off on neckwear and these coupons:


                      I got 2 more Rooster bow ties for $20.78



                        Whoa. Sounds like yours is even better stocked than mine. I saw Lauren RL (off-brand)jackets and such, but no Polo except for maybe a few long sleeve t-shirts and socks. I also didn't notice that many bow ties.

                        I think this'll be the first place I go to from now on for accessories.



                          I go to the Daffy's in Philadelphia quite a little bit. It is like Marshalls in that sometimes it has good inventory, and sometimes there is nothing worthwhile. That said, when it does hit, it can have inventory which is far-and-above anything Marshalls, TJ Max, etc... has. You have to know what you are doing; but, they have a lot of great italian brands that you really can't find anywhere else...



                            I had never heard of steinmart until this thread, googled it, and apparently there is one a few miles away.

                            went and checked it out, but nothing spectacular. Lauren RL, and a bunch of poor fitting blazers and pants from brands I had never heard of. oh well, got some new socks



                              Nothing struck your fancy in the ties? They have a lot of the same brands of ties as Macy's but for less than 1/3rd the price. Same with the cufflinks and tie bars.