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    Originally posted by onerany View Post
    All half-canvas jackets have fused fronts. The difference between a half-canvas jacket and a fused one is that the half-canvas have a floating chest piece. You can read JefferyD's explanation here.
    Not anymore thanks to Indochino with thier hybrid fused half canvassed non floating piece.


      Yes, I've never known what to make of Indochino's half canvas claim - too much wordsmithing going on for me to take at face value.

      As per my response, I just wasn't sure what you were WTFing about. I assumed it was about Dpdk's post where "fused" and "half canvas" were used in the same product description, since I don't think most people realize that "half canvas" suit jackets are still fused. Plus, I think the "avoid dry cleaning because it will fall apart" statement applies towards any fused jackets, not just Indochino, meaning it would apply to "half canvas" jackets as well. Or, at least I would assume that when taking care of mine...


        Yeha I was wtfing them saying fused construction half canvassed, makes it sound like it's not free floating and they went the indochino route. Rather than saying Half Canvassed including the lapels or something like that.


          Ok I got everything and it's all going back! Linen suit was rather blah and felt too heavy for summer, Linen pants were AWESOME but WAY too tight. The Napoli in navy is great, just too dark and I want a blue, but fabric is nice and soft! Not sure if it's worth more than going MTM

          42L Linen Suit Supply

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            40L Napoli in Navy (Looks identical colour to website btw)

            Dragon Inside MTM for reference
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              Here's the Pants sized for the anorexic guys, that's as far as I could move my leg forward. That's a 32L waist was quite snug but fit fine, just couldn't take stairs or a normal stride. Quality is well above Lands End linen pants.


                Originally posted by shad0w4life View Post
                The linen suit jacket is the best fitting jacket you've posted. It is worlds ahead of your MTM suits.

                Originally posted by shad0w4life View Post
                40L Napoli in Navy (Looks identical colour to website btw)
                This is the second best fitting suit that you've posted on the forums, after that linen suit. FYI: The Napoli comes in ~3 shades of blue. You can always call up one of the stores and order over the phone if they don't list the lighter shades of blue on the website. You can also order suit separates over the phone in a few styles.

                SuitSupply's trouser sizing is odd. They provide different waist sizes depending on whether you order a long, regular, or short jacket.

                Shad0w, I cannot stress this enough: these jackets look amazing on you, and they put your previous suits to shame.


                  I agree, the suitsupply's look excellent on you.

                  I also noticed their pants cut differently for each length. I ordered a short and regular Napoli to compare recently and the short pants were extremely baggy in the leg and seat. I would have needed another 20-30 pounds for them to fit well.
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                    Yeah I'm going to get the Napoli in blue I think, love the material, the Linen actually fits terrible around the chest, could have at least an inch taken in but they have a surprising trim fit out of the box...except the pants, the Linen suit is getting returned due to the pants being way too baggy.

                    That's kind of funny about the fit, both suits have a LOT of extra room in the mid section

                    Of note as well is the MTM suits were done for me at 180lbs and I'm 190 now so I ordered for that knowing shoulder sizing much better now;My bone ends at 18.25 but I need about a 18.75 shoulder to accommodate deltoids.

                    For sure like the longer jacket length as I believe Brusch mentioned a few months back...shoulda listened


                      shad0w, I think that you're confusing extra room in the mid section for good drape. Those jackets create a perfect silhouette on you. If you take them in further, you'll give yourself an hourglass figure.

                      Compare the Dragon Inside suit to the Suit Supply suits (especially the one in linen). Both of the Suit Supply suits give you a masculine silhouette; you look muscular with an overall inverted V shape. In comparison, the Dragon Insider suit makes you look emaciated and feminine with an hourglass silhouette and a short jacket.


                        Aye definitely noticed that when I was posting the pics even.
                        Damn you and your compliments, I'm debating on trading out the linen for the Havana Linen casual jacket(summer weddings)...I was just going to get 1 suit, now it looks like a suit and a jacket


                          I'm going to go with bruschetta here, except that I prefer the look of the navy over the linen. Only needs some sleeve lengthening and pants hemming. Damn, I hope I can find an OTR suit to fit like that whenever I actually need one.
                          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                            How would you guys who have worn both compare the Napoli fit to BR's Tailored Fit? I wear a 38R in the Italian-wool line at BR and it fits me perfectly OTR. The newer BR Tailored Fit suits are not feeling so good compared to last year so I'm trying to switch to SS in hopes that the Purple Line will feel and move better.


                              HKW, SS has the sizes for each cut etc on the website under the size advisor, so if you can get the BR sizing, you could easily compare.

                              Also don't forget free shipping and returns on orders over $500


                                In my experience, the Napoli fits slightly large, larger than BR tailored fit. I sized down from a 36R to a 35R for a similarly snug fit.

                                P.S. They don't make 35R anymore, for the record... they seem to have switched to 34.

                                P.P.S. I took some measurements the other day and I've actually got a 38" chest. Not sure why none but the tiniest jackets ever fit me. Mumblegrumble.
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