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Do you wear an undershirt for collared shirts?

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    Do you wear an undershirt for collared shirts?

    Do you guys prefer wearing an undershirt for your collared shirt? I use to be against it cause it felt strange, but I'm slowly getting use to it and preferring it now.


    Yes, but I always where an undershirt under all shirts, because I prefer the feel of the softer fabric. I used to wear a crew neck under polo's and button ups, because I thought I looked too "european" without one, but that was before I learned about fit. Since I stopped wearing oversized shirts, I wear v-necks under because it allows you to leave a button undone without showing too much chest/chest hair. My favorite undershirts that I have found are from 2xist. They are soft, slim fitting, and the V has a nice dip but is closer on the side of my neck.



      Yes, always



        Dress shirts: always a v-neck

        Casual shirts: very rarely



          I virtually always wear undershirts. Undershirts are cheap and easily replaceable - I don't mind them developing deodorant stains nearly as much as I would with a shirt. Plus I find I can get away with more wearings between washings when I use an undershirt, which helps to prolong the life of the shirts as well.

          Only in the height of summer will I go without an undershirt, and then only with casual shirts, never dress shirts.

          I've recently converted to light heather-grey v-neck t-shirts as undershirts. They don't show through lighter-colored dress shirts nearly as easily as white ones do.




            ^ that.



              Never. Can't stand it.



                2nd BenR comment

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                  Where do you guys get your grey v-necks? Most of the ones I've seen are close to $20, way too much for an undershirt IMO.



          , highly recommended heather grey v-neck $18.50 + shipping for 2 shirts. I don't think I would ever wear these by themselves, but with the ribbed material, snug fit, and extra length, they are perfect for under a dress shirt.



                      everything benR said.

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                        I got some ribbedtee white v-necks... Not worth the extra money, to me. One of mine is coming apart at the bottom hem, and they don't really feel any better than the cheaper Jockey ones (non-ribbed) I got on sale at L&T.



                          I get hot easily so I usually only wear undershirts in winter.

                          I wear heather grey v-necks because I don't like the shirt to show when I unbutton the top button on dress shirts. As BenR mentioned, I've found heather gray usually works for most dress shirts as it doesn't have as much contrast with my skin as a white shirt.

                          I've heard ,mentioned on Dappered before. I'm coming from a place where I used to buy Kirland & Haynes undershirts 4 / $10, so spending $10 / undershirt feels weird to me. I bought mine at Old Navy for about $4.50 ea (on sale). Their medium fits me snug and they are tagless.

                          Also, regarding deodorant: From what I can tell it's the aluminum found in deodorant that causes the staining. I've switched to aluminum-free deodorant years ago and don't have any stains on my new clothes. It's not sexy, but the cheapest most-available (any grocery & drug store) brand I've found is the Arm & Hammer Naturals line:


                          Changed my life.

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                            only if it's cold or I'm worried about sweating through the shirt (e.g. a suit)



                              I use one of these for my deodorant needs. No stains, no smells, I'm happy with it.