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    Bummer. I bought more JCP in the past couple months than I ever have, combined, but now I don't see myself going back more than a time or two to get what I can on clearance


      I went through JCP today and I'm still impressed with the selection. You could revolutionize your wardrobe easily and relatively cheap. I was annoyed at the $50 stickers over shirts that I know were around $30 a few months ago, though. But the Clearance section was fantastic. Highly recommended.


        My local JCP had a lot of cardigans and gingham shirts marked down to $3 on the clearance rack. Some of the IZOD and Stafford colder weather sports coats and jackets were down to $15.


          Just got back from picking through the withered husk of Ron Johnson's JCP career (still sore about that whole thing) - selection was 'meh' at the two stores my wife and I went to. Snagged a couple of ginghams, cream cardigan, and a pair of shorts for a song. Wife got a pile of tanks and couple of XL blouses (7 mo pregnant). Also found maternity bras for $8 - they're $50 everywhere else.

          I'm going to miss this JCP line of shirts if they stop selling them - they fit my body size perfectly and were a great price. But, i cant find them online anymore, which makes me think I should hunt around for other brands.

          Also saw the stafford blazers for $15 - they did not sit well on me at all. Armholes were crazy-low and the padding was far more than I wanted.