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Is this a proper blazer fit? Part 2!

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    Is this a proper blazer fit? Part 2!

    Thanks again to the guys who helped me out in my first blazer buy with the BR pinstripe blazer that Joe recommended. It just didn't work as most people seemed to indicate. However I decided to try two more recommended blazers from joe and was hoping that these are more of a "correct" fit since I am still unsure how a correct blazer should feel and look:

    My measurements: 5'10, 39.5 chest

    1) 40R Gap herringbone blazer: I did not have any movement restrictions here unlike the BR blazer cut:

    However, there is some structure to it and I am not sure if this is suppose to happen when I move my arms way back:

    2) 40R Gap Moleskin brown blazer: Pretty much the same fit as #1 except the shoulder structure is a little bit different:

    However, is the shoulder structure suppose to look like this? I don't remember noticing the slight rise in joe's pictures:


    Those look to fit pretty well to me. The sleeves might be a little short on the first one, but should be either okay as is or easily extended by a tailor. I see the same wrinkling you see on the first on some of mine. I think you'll see that kind of thing on most affordable off the rack coats. The bump on the 2nd is how the sleeve head is attached and is called a roped shoulder.

    I learned a lot about how things should fit and how they're constructed from this thread:



      I have the moleskin blazer and it has the same little shoulder bump that yours does. It's not my favorite part of the garment, to be sure, but it didn't bother me enough to return it.




        Maybe it is just the photos, but the first one appears to fit better, IMO.

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          I agree with everything that Jason wrote.



            Sweet thanks guys! I think they fit pretty well off the rack as well. They fit great with just a shirt on but can feel a little snug if I decide to layer with sweaters. Is the normal feel or a sign that I need to size up?



              That's normal. If you size it where it's perfect with a sweater it'll be loose without. Gotta pick your poison.



                Agree with everything here. I size it to fit without a sweater as I will wear it most that way. I tend to get hot more easily than cold.

                Also, thin sweaters (BR's silk/cashmere/wool blend of v-necks) obviously work better. I usually don't wear an undershirt then.

                My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



                  So I started walking around and noticed that lots of people wear boxy looking blazers. I'm guess this is not fitted properly then no? However, am I TOO fitted? Here is a view with the above herringbone blazer from the side view:


                  Apologies for these rudimentary questions, I just don't want to waste anymore money if I am wearing stuff that is not the proper fit!



                    Acoustic, ignoring the quality of the materials - the blazer looks great on you. Are you able to move your arms up and around with some degree of flexibility? Can you run a finger between your shirt and jacket collar? Again, it looks great.



                      Nice blazer man. It sits well on you! Your prolly just feeling that First time awesome fit apprehension we feel when we are rockig the sh!t out of a blazer. But it really looks good.

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                        Yeah, it can feel awkward when you're the only one around you that's wearing clothes that actually fit like they should, but you get over that when people start telling you you look good.