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Thoughts/experience on Florsheim Lexington Wingtip?

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    Thoughts/experience on Florsheim Lexington Wingtip?

    Here's the shoe in question:

    I'm looking at the cognac color. They're $64 through JCP right now, and I'm mighty tempted at that price, but I know Florsheims can be hit-or-miss on quality (like J&M, a company that has let me down in the past). Has anyone seen/worn these IRL before?

    I have them in the Burgundy and hardly wore them before giving them away. Very plasticy looking and they creased really bad. On the other hand I had the plain captoe version in black and wore them for a long time and think they looked pretty great.

    The cognac looks like it might be a less shiny leather and would work out better.

    Florshiem is VERY hit or miss. Love my Hawleys and Berkley loafer I just got, but my burgundy lexingtons are horrible


      Toe is a bit square for my tastes in the picture but sometimes that's just a me thing.


        Final word: They're terrible. I thought they were pebbled leather, but they're painted in what almost looks like a micro-leopard print. I pulled one shoe out of the box, shuddered, and put it back. (The Berkley loafers, on the other hand, are the business. Really, really good value at $72.)


          It's been my experience of late that Florsheim leather quality is REALLY suspect right now.

          In the last six months I have had on my feet the Monroe and two pairs of Kenmoor's. The leather quality on the Kenmoor was awful. Looked like painted plastic.

          The Monroe was great, but I recently saw some in a store and the leather was different. Also very plastic-like.
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            Originally posted by andrew5 View Post
            It's been my experience of late that Florsheim leather quality is REALLY suspect right now.
            It looks like plastic, probably because it is! Nowhere on Florsheim's site are they even claiming these are leather. Here's the official description:

            "The Lexington wing tip brogue dress shoe features either a smooth finish in black and burgundy, or pebble grain leather finish in cognac.
            Quarter leather linings, a fully cushioned footbed, and a Tolflex light sole with a rubber tap.
            Our Lexington has a high gloss finish.
            Non-removeable footbed"

            Note "pebble grain leather finish" not "leather" and "quarter leather linings" but nowhere do they claim the uppers are made of leather. Compare that to the description of the Monroe:

            "The sleek full grain leather upper is hand crafted from our finest grade of Napa leather. Sewn in Spain, this classic model features a welted buff leather sole, with embossed Florsheim icon. Combination leather/rubber heel boasts brass tacks. Fully leather lined with non-removable footbed."

            Now those are leather. If the Lexington was actually leather they would have said so. I don't know what it is, but I know you probably don't want them on your feet.