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    Originally posted by Shomas View Post
    Now I can take that money and put it into my Saddleback briefcase fund on the theory that by getting so close and not making the purchase I have actaully saved the money and anything I do with it is essentially a freebie. The logic checks out on that, right?
    That's the logic I used to justify buying 4 watches ...and various other items hah.


      @Shadow4Life, dont get me wrong, I still wear my McTavishs quite a bit. Wore them today and frankly since I am in graduate school and wont have a need for full-time business dress anytime soon, they get a lot more use than my other shoes. Would have preferred a different size, but still plenty useful. Also planning on getting a tongue and/or heel pad to see if that can solve some of the heel slippage. And Frost is certainly right about the double oak, takes some breaking in


        Originally posted by bruschetta View Post
        Shomas, yes, I used saddle soap on them once as per Allen Edmonds' recommendation. I have used leather conditioner + wax on them ever since.
        That's the same thing I do with them - saddle soap and conditioner. I haven't had any issues yet but I've only had mine for 6 months now.

        My McTavish's have been pretty comfy from the get go once I got the proper size (I had to stretch the pinky area but thats true with all my AE shoes). But I had to go through an 8D, 8.5D, 9D, and then finally the 9B to get there. The sizing is a bit tough to get right with them.


          Vicious49, I recommend switching to a mild leather cleaner and conditioner rather than the saddle soap. I don't know if I can put the blame solely on the saddle soap, but my shoes look unacceptably worn, and I baby them.

          frost, I agree that the double sole of the McTavish is far less comfortable than that of other Allen Edmonds shoes.


            I only tried them on at a local AE, so my experience is very limited, but they did run a little big.

            The SA stepped me down to a 10.5, saying that they run big, and after I tried on the 11.5 and then the 11. The 10.5 was a little tight, but better than my usual sizing (11 - 11.5). Additionally, they did not fit my (flat) feet good enough to warrant the dough, so I passed. That being said, most AEs fit my feet horribly, so take that into consideration regarding my review.

            I'd say absolutely try to hit the local shop, Shomas. You'll likely feel much better knowing what size for sure before plopping down the cash.


              Sizing is definitely an issue with the McTavish. I have 8.5D Neumok, Strand and McTavish. The Strand fit perfectly, the Neumok are a little tight (but not unbearably so) and the Mctavish are half a size too big.