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    @Pete Where did you see black Moneypenny? You may be mistaking Naomie Harris' character Eve as a confirmed rendition of Moneypenny, but so far the only info we have on Eve is that she is a field agent. And as for the theme, Adele is also rumored to be in the running for the theme when they are ready to record it in a few months. Nothing to worry about yet.

    Bond does sport chukkas and some stubble this time, along with a Range Rover Vogue. Looking good to me.




      Adele has been going through vocal chord trouble, she might not sing it, Buble is considered.

      Naomie Harris seems like a decent actress, could be wrong. I thought that Brosnan's Moneypenney was the best played. The sweet, flirty, innocent on the outside, smart on the inside blonde woman who has a thing for the most dapper agent in MI6.

      I hope there's a great car chase in the next one, I heard the action is downplayed.



        @Pete Guess they revealed that later on about Naomie. I'm confused as to how they consider the news confirmed as when I searched, all of the articles mentioning it don't reference any new quotes or press release that indicate she is Moneypenny, they just use the quotes from the original press conference that says nothing about Moneypenny.

        Anyways, the theme song isn't picked or recorded until very late in the Bond movie process according to their usual schedules for the movies. It is supposedly one of the last things they do with the film, so Adele has several months before a final recording if they want one.

        The director reassured more than once, along with the producers, that there is plenty of action. It seems that they are toning it more to Casino Royale with action that is more tied in to the drama.

        ON TOPIC: Anyone know how these compare to Clarks in sizing?



          Just an update, I have purchased these and will update tomorrow when I hopefully get them.



            I have to agree with the pointy toe, it's not a huge issue though. What this show has in form, it lacks in function. There is literally no grip on the bottom of the shoe, save for the heel. I found myself slipping even on carpet. There is a bit more room in the toe than I need, but I would be afraid to order a size smaller. I haven't worn them long enough to see if my heels bleed, so I can't comment on that, but you should be wearing at least ankle high black socks with these anyway, so that should offset any possibility of bleeding. My biggest qualm here is just the lack of everyday practicality- I don't feel like I could wear these to work and everywhere else because of the lack of grip. I have a pair of Rockport dress shoes that I could play basketball in if I had to, these I feel nervous walking down stairs.

            I bought them because I wanted a similar style to the Church's Ryder III one's from QOS, and while I am curious as to how nice they might wear in, I'm not sure I will own them long enough to do so.



              I bought these a few weeks ago at Zappos.

              They are a bit roomier then expected, but nothing a thick pair of wool socks can't fix.

              I wore them for about 18 hours in NYC last Saturday, and they really held up well.

              No a whole lot of padding, but enough with the socks.

              Rubber sole in natural keeps them very casual, but easily pairs with jeans or chinos.

              So far, so good, and the dark grey is a nice change up from black or brown.