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Stafford Ashton or Claiborne Suede Wingtip?

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    Stafford Ashton or Claiborne Suede Wingtip?

    I am trying to decide which of them would get more use (I considered suede drivers, but I tried some on and I don't think they're right for me).They are the same price ($60), so that is obviously a nonissue. Below are my current brown options. I'm leaning towards the Claibornes because I feel like either the Clark's or monks could be worn when the Staffords would work. Does anyone have the Claibornes? Or should I look for something in a different shade (sand, tan, walnut, etc.), since the Claibornes are also dark brown?

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    The Ashtons aren't too dissimilar to you middle shoes so I'd probably get the Gaylords (heh, I said Gaylords) for variety's sake. Neither would be great for going out as any liquids on suede is terrible and I've had a little beer and/or other mixed drinks soak into my Ashtons and changing the color slightly in some areas. I'll have to hit them with some waterproofer I guess.
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