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Opinions on Lands End Linen/Cotton Pants?

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    Opinions on Lands End Linen/Cotton Pants?

    They're on sale for around $45 today. I've got a pair of year'rounders in tailored fit and I don't like how high the rise is (pocket flare is not cool), do these have a similar rise? How's the fit/feel? I know there are comments on the product description and elsewhere on the web but I trust y'all a good bit more!

    I have two pairs that I bought last year. I like them.
    Here's what I posted on askandy when someone asked a similar question:

    "I own two pairs of linen/cotton blend pants from Lands' End (sand and green) and I really like them. They make wearing long pants in the middle of summer tolerable in GA.
    I really like the fact that you get to choose the inseam by 1/4" increments from them so you get the perfect inseam without have to pay for tailoring. "

    "I uploaded pictures of one of my pairs. I ordered 32x34 for both pairs and both fit the exact same, I bought them back in July I believe. It looks like the inseam is 1/4" longer than that. The rise is just above the hips (I'm pointing at my belly button in the picture). Personally I'm a fan of lower rise pants so this is about as high as I like it."
    Measurements: 6'2", 173 lbs, 16" neck, 35/36" sleeve, 42" chest, 32" waist, 33.5" inseam