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    Hi Martine,

    I'm glad you brought this thread back as I would've never come across this brand. I'm in the market for a leather bag, and prior to seeing this thread, saddleback was on the top of my list.

    Though the option to have the Rustic logo on the bag isn't available, they do provide a custom monogram service here:

    I think the cost to place your name would be a little more than $30, though.



      Hey, thanks Joshua, i appreciate the feedback. So are you saying that they won't remove the their logo? or can I opt for their logo to be put somewhere more discreet than the stock location? Also I see the engraving part and that's sounds nice. I just feel that they have a few items I am willing to spend money on and I would love to have not only my name on my bags, but customize each one to my specific needs.



        So I assume Rustic leather is not around, are they on vacation? I wish they had a direct number, I have emailed 3 x and no response. Come guys, have a few questions before i order and not be able to talk to a live person. Thank you!




          We have not received any e-mails from you... I even checked the spam folder & nada.

          As for a phone number... sorry guys this is a small family run business & the only phone I use is my mobile phone. Who wants their mobile phone number published for the whole world to see? Since we sell internationally can you imagine the calls that would come in all through the night?




            Now that I have addressed Martine's question I would like to let the rest of you know that we have made progress on our makers mark dilemma. I know that many of you have asked & we went back and forth a for a while but I think we now have a reasonable solution. We do have a few "old stock" bags that still have the mark on the front flap, but the new bags that we make will have the mark placed more discretely, either on the back of the bag or on the inside. This will start happening next month (October) IF the customer requests a more discrete mark. Otherwise the bag will be sent with the mark on the flap.

            Thank you all for the input.




              Glad you're listening to your customers and willing to compromise, Dave. Thanks.

              I'm going on 9 months for my medium brief and it's aging quite well. I plan on doing a review with pictures as soon as I launch my blog.



                You may want to give Renaissance Art a try:


                I got a custom bag made last year, and I love it.