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    Same here. Definitely impressed.



      Apologies for not chiming in. I've been out of the country all week.

      @Dave, I'm really happy you came to this community to both back your product and take our feedback into consideration. It's rare that a company would take such a small community seriously. You make good points about the 100year warranty being a gimmick. As corny as it sounds, it's comforting to the customer to know that a brand stands behind their product for more than just the standard 30 days, 1 year, 5 years, etc. Anyone can claim that their product will last a lifetime, less will have the courage to back that claim with a lifetime warranty or guarantee, and the true few and proud will actually put that guarantee into practice if/when needed. There is a reason why Squaretrade Warranties sell so well.

      I also have to agree with everyone else that has chimed in before me. It would be nice to have an option for discrete/no logo (you've addressed this already), and making your "just make it right" policy more apparent would surely win you more customers.

      I'm sure I've beaten this topic to death. Your need to address potential customers' concerns coupled with your strides to "just make it right" have won me over. A Rustic Leather bag has just inched its way to the top of my X-Mas wishlist.



        It's been a couple of weeks since I checked in here due the the holiday shopping frenzy which has been quite hectic.

        I just wanted to thank Greg, Jason, Glen & the rest of you for you valuable input.

        Now if I may ask you all another question... which Rustic Leather color is your favorite & least favorite? We currently have Buckskin Tan (my personal favorite because it patinas beautifully), Rich Chocolate, & Charcoal Black. I am curious to what you say and see if it matches our sales pattern.

        Thanks & have a great what-ever-you-celebrate holiday... We do Christmas around here.




          I'm torn between the chocolate and the tan. I like the tan on more casual items (backpack, duffel) and the chocolate for an item I would use more seriously (briefcase). Personally, I'm just not big on black though it can be nicely executed.

          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



            I echo most of the comments here. I want to have some type of guarantee that a product I buy will last. And I would prefer the logo in a more discrete place or just to have it removed. the bag looks pretty great though. I'm leaning towards the dark brown but would love to see pics of a tan bag with a great patina.



              I second what greg_s says. To the T. Tan w/patina looks awesome for casual, dark brown is great for more serious/professional use, and I personally don't wear black anything but it can be worn nicely.



                My preference would be - brown, tan, black, in that order. I think dark brown is probably the most versatile color as it can be used in business and casual settings. Tan is a little harder to dress up but looks cool. Black can be dressy but, IMO, is pretty boring. Plus the dressiness of black leather doesn't really match with the, ahem, rustic and slightly Western style of the bags. That's just my $.02.




                  Yeah, I like the dark brown the most I think. Oh, and you didn't ask, but my favorite pieces are the briefcase and the duffel, in that order. Both really nice.



                    Another vote for chocolate, tan, black, in that order. Also agree w/ tan on casual pieces and chocolate on professional. I could see black being popular among bikers.

                    My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



                      Wow guys, the impromptu poll coincides with our sales records exactly. And several of you actually nailed the preference order.

                      #1 Rich Chocolate

                      #2 Buckskin Tan

                      #3 Charcoal Black

                      I have to say that my personal favorite is the Buckskin Tan. It must be my casual, laid back nature... but then again I don't have a formal work environment either. Jeans, cowboy boots (square toe), casual shirt & my Rustic Leather messenger bag is all I need. Oh, and a hat to either protect my bald head from the relentless Texas sun or the winter cold.



                        How's it coming with the logo options, Dave?



                          Jason, We honestly haven't made much progress with the logo option yet. The holiday season is just way too busy to anything other than process & ship orders. Remember that we are a small, family owned business... me & my wife pretty much do everything. When things slow down (statistically mid Feb) we'll be able work on that, which is high up on the to do list, along with a new bag design that I've been sketching. I wish I could go quicker, but there is just so many hours in a day. I need a clone.

                          Have a very happy holiday folks & we'll chat after Christmas, my birthday & New Years... yes, my birthday falls between Christmas & New Year.




                            I have a hunch that I may have received one for Christmas. I am extremely excited.



                              Hello there Dave, I am a saddleback bag owner and love their gear, however i have been unimpressed with the not answering emails, especially form customers who spend the fortunes we do on bags, nevermined the the convincing we have to tell our spouses. anyways my question is after stumbling onto this site and being pissed when I saw bags of the same equal quality as saddlebacks bags, made me want to dig deeper and ask you. when you decide to make the logo option for your customers, is there anyways a person can opt for their own name as in Martine's Brucheau on the bags? just a question as this will be awesome. Thanks!



                                I apologize, the emails that I mentioned unanswered are not yours, but they are of saddlebacks