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"Everything Bespoke" Half-Canvassed MTM Suits?

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    "Everything Bespoke" Half-Canvassed MTM Suits?

    Hi all,

    Long time Dappered reader/thread commenter here, first venture over to the threads.

    Has anyone had any experience with Everything Bespoke MTM suits, on ebay or otherwise? (links: ebay order page, website)

    On the one hand, a 100% wool, half-canvassed, hand made (or at least cut), made-to-measure suit for under $150 shipped (with alterations/returns covered in event of mistakes) seems completely absurd. They appear to be made and shipped directly from Pakistan, but still.

    On the other hand, they have a 100% feedback rating on ~1500 sales on ebay (out of the last 307, 304 were positive and 3 neutral).

    What am I missing here? At that price for a half-canvassed MTM suit, I feel like I'm almost obliged give it a shot.

    Looks interesting. I'd like to hear feedback if anyone has any. I was about to pull the trigger on my second Indochino this weekend, but may consider this option as well.


      Yeah, I was surprised to not really find any discussions about it anywhere - it seems insanely cheap for what it is.

      It says it's "tropical wool" - maybe that has something to do with it?


        I recently ordered a suit from everythingbespoke and its very nice. It conceals all evidence of my worst features, accentuates my best, and makes me look much better than I deserve. So far, I've worn it out twice and gotten some compliments and remarks. Customer service was prompt and courteous, and the suit arrived in just under three weeks. Total price was around $140. You can't beat the price, and I'm pleased with the product. The pants turned out to be too snug in the seat and pulled when I sat or bent over, but a local tailor took them out and inch and they're fine now. The company refunds the tailoring charges up to twenty percent of the value of the suit, which isn't much, but the charges only came to twenty bucks.

        If I have any complaints, it would be that the fabric isn't the nicest I've ever felt....but then, I selected the cheapest budget stuff instead of the better premium fabrics to minimize the risk. For somebody like me, with a weird body distribution that off-the-rack just doesn't address, it's amazing how well it fits.

        So, yes....I would recommend everythingbespoke. Just take care to have good measurements. The company provides pretty detailed instructions and has a video guide, too, although it wasn't immediately available when ordering. My wife took my measurements and did a pretty good job, apparently....but for the seat!


          I hate the abuse of bespoke, this is just MTM
          They look to be VERY similar to itailor, offering a "Wool Blend" as the premium fabric.


            I ordered one of the everyting bespoke premium suits and I think i was extremely lucky with my measurements as it fitted perfectly. I agree with geschichtlich, being able to specify the measurements allowed me to get the suit style i like and that suits/flatters me rather than the style the high street forces on me (which does not suit or fit a shorter guy like me well at all) .. all for less than the price of an off the shelf one. Im no expert, but the tailoring seems good quality and the cloth good. I would say you cant predict exactly what the cloth will look like from the pictures on the site, but Ive just ordered my second one as they seem to have a sale.