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Experience with Levi's Pants?

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    Experience with Levi's Pants?

    I've been on the hunt for some pants that fit more like jeans for my ultracasual workplace. Higher ups wear jeans on a very regular basis and sweatshirts/fleece jackets are not as uncommon as they should be. I like the way Calvin Klein or Levi's 514 Slim Straight fits me: fairly tight through the thigh, but without the tapered leg opening of true skinny jeans.

    Levis happens to sell chinos and 511s online. Does anybody have experience with them, particularly the chinos (I can find 511s at just about any store for comparison)? I'd like to know more about cut and material before ordering online. Ideally, they shouldn't require too much maintenance because ironing is my least favorite household task.

    I just bought some 514 chino-ish jean-ish - let's just call them 5-pocket pants at Marshalls. They are very thin, dark grey, which I think will be nice in the eminent nicer weather.

    Sorry. But I have yet to wear them, so no real experience feedback for ya, but a place to check, if you have one near ya (Marshalls, TJMaxx, Ross, etc). They were $25 or so.
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      Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the cut and material of their chinos, as I have never tried them. However, I know those buttflaps would bother the hell out of me.

      The 511's you linked, I would imagine the cut/material would be the same as any of their other 511 pairs - however, depending on your build, you may find these uncomfortable. I know I gave em a short once, and I could barely get my legs through the leg opening. On top of that, they were tight in the crotchular region, making it appear as if I was smuggling a bushel of grapes.

      While we wait for others to give us their opinion on what you posted above, may I suggest the Alpha khaki's by dockers (owned by Levi's apparently) ?

      They fit very similar to the 514's, except the leg is tapered more for an even more fitted look. They aren't tight by any means. I currently own the new British khaki and they're great. They come in many colors, and would look equally at home with a button-up shirt as they would with a tee shirt. They've got a promotion going on right now, 25% off anything over $100 and free shipping.

      Fit is pretty TTS, I'm usually a 32x30 in jeans, and that is what I ordered. Fit me quite well. You should be able to find a pair or two at Macy's in your size to make sure they fit right if this is the path you choose to go down.
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        The fit with these is entirely personal.

        I'm a thin guy and find the 511 pants (I have them in mint green) to be too tapered for anything but strutting for street style photographers outside my house.

        The Dockers Alphas (pictured in my profile pic) are much better for general purposes for me.

        I love Levi in general, but always buy 4 different sizes when ordering online and keep the one you like, returning the others. ALWAYS DO THIS.

        I wish Levi had 514s in all kinds of fabrics and colors, but they are missing that market.


          I just tried on the Levi's chinos in-store at JCPenney earlier today. When I told the SA (a young dude who seemed in the know) that i usually wore 501s and 514s, and asked him about the chinos' fit, he said that they fit like 518s. He said they should be more relaxed that 514s up top but more tapered in the leg. He was right. They fit me pretty good, and I actually like the *butt-flaps* - they kinda fill out my back-side some - OK, I'm telling you far TMI.

          However, I actually opted for some Dockers Modern Khakis. I have a few pair of D2 Dockers, but I am always self-conscious about the length (I really need a 31 inseam - ugh - or a tailor), so I went with a couple of these slimmer ones (not super slim, like the alphas, IMO), in 32 length, which seemed to be pretty decent.

          The Levi's were nice, and worth checking out, but for now I went with the Dockers. Might wanna check those out too. They are *chino* style, though. If you really want *jeans* style (5-pocket), then they also do carry some 514s in different colors and feels, in-store at JCP. They were all priced at about $40, and JCP is running a 20% off coupon starting today through the 17th, IIRC. I used that along with a $10 off of $50 code to double-dip a bit.

          You might wanna hit JCP, if anything to try some on. But those prices are pretty nice with the coupon too.


            @yoyorobbo - wasn't sure if we've had this conversation already but you should give the 508s a try. Fit like a 501 or 505 up top, tapered below the knee (good for those of us with big thighs)


              Yeah, don't think we have, but I did try the 508s. BTW, I hosed that up in my previous post, didn't I? LOL, meant to say 508, not 518. Doh!

              Anyway, the 508 is not bad. I just am looking for a little tighter fit up top, than my usual 501s. They get a little baggy in the bum. Sorry to tell you do much detail, ha! I also have some 514s, mostly cords, which I dig, but I really love the button fly on the 501. Wish the 514 had that. They fit tighter in the backside, which I need.

              What is the other new-ish one? 513? Seems right. Is that a 514 with a slimmer leg?


                513s are tighter on the hips/pocket area. I found it to be a bit annoying. A Levi's' outlet employee suggested 511s but sizing up in the waist.
                5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist


                  Hmmm... Might be what I'm looking for then, Redford. Good info. Thanks.

                  LosRockets, now that I think more about it, maybe we *did* chat about the 508. Or was it the 513? I saw a pair of one of those at a local Marshalls, and may have replied something about it to you in another thread. Can't recall. Sound familiar? Seems like it may have been the 513. Hmmm...